Institutional Research

Wolfson Campus


The mission of the Office of Institutional Research is to support the achievement of the College’s mission, vision, and strategic goals by providing objective, systematic, accurate, unbiased, and timely data and integrative analysis/reports related to student enrollment, progression, achievement, and success to the executive leadership, administrative offices, and College community. The office serves as a support mechanism by providing guidance, training, and resources related to the use of data and analysis to inform data-driven decision-making at the College.

Core Functions

Compliance and Reporting - Report institutional data on behalf of the College to government agencies, accreditation bodies, and other external constituents.

Data and Analysis - Collect, analyze, interpret, and report data and information for internal and external ad hoc and reoccurring requests.

Research - Support the research and evaluation of College-wide efforts on student success. Plan and implement research activities in support of critical institutional priorities. Collect and analyze peer data for benchmarking and comparative studies.

Transparency - Develop and maintain College-wide dashboards and visualizations to disseminate key metrics and improve access to institutional data for executive leadership and the College community.

Collaboration - Serve as internal advisors and a support mechanism to administrative officers and College committees regarding operational studies and data. Represent the College on various state and national committees and task forces. Lead IRB and CASSC Research and Testing Committee to provide complete and adequate review of research activities involving human participants and plausible institutional, scientific, and social implications.

Guiding Principles

Data Liaisons

Data Liaisons are Miami Dade College employees who partner with and are trained by the Division of Strategy and Institutional Effectiveness (SIE) on behalf of their campus, academic school/program, or district unit to increase the College's capacity for data informed decision-making, research, data analysis, assessment, and evaluation.

For more information, please visit the Data Liaisons page