Kendall Campus

Student in a laboratory and smilingSTICHES is designed to support and empower students pursuing pathways in the health sciences by improving access to critical academic and vocational resources, elevating the student experience, and enhancing teaching and learning through collaboration with MDC Kendall faculty and area high school instructors.

Program Advantages

This program will foster student success through joint efforts with current and prospective students, campus faculty and staff, and high school educators by:

  • Equipping incoming first-year health sciences students with critical skills through STICHES Academy 2-week bootcamp summer bridge program
  • Bolstering support for students taking Chemistry for Health Sciences (CHM1033) with Peer-Led Team Learning sessions conducted by STICHES Fellows
  • Leading Student Success Workshops throughout the academic year covering industry certification, workforce soft skills, metacognition and effective study habits, and financial literacy
  • Providing educational stipends to STICHES Scholars at the end of each academic year upon completion of STICHES Academy, PLTL sessions, and a minimum of 4 Student Success Workshops
  • Facilitating workshops and seminars on high impact pedagogies and best practices in STEM-related education to MDC faculty and area high school instructors through STICHES Teaching and Learning Institute
  • Administering outreach to high school students through campus visits and information sessions