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Pursuing a health sciences career? Become a STICHES Scholar!

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The STICHES Scholars program is available to students in health sciences pathways at Kendall Campus. The Scholars program fosters success by providing incoming first-year students with a bridge Academy, peer learning and mentorship in Chemistry for Health Sciences (CHM 1033) with STICHES Fellows, and student success workshops on college life and career soft skills.

Students can earn up to $500 for completing program requirements in one academic year!*

2-Week Bootcamp for Health Sciences Majors

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Incoming first-year health sciences students will have the opportunity to network with their peers and prepare for college life during the STICHES Academy. The two-week Academy is designed to ensure students are prepared for mathematics concepts needed in CHM 1033, have met with peers, faculty, and staff before their first day of classes, and are prepared to enter the workforce.

During the Academy, students will:

  • Complete a self-paced Intermediate Algebra review using McGraw Hill’s ALEKS program.
  • Earn a Soft Skills Certificate from Florida Ready to Work.
  • Participate in a healthcare-focused student life skills workshop with MDC faculty.
  • Engage with Fellows (Peer Leaders) in college life forums and team building activities.

Peer-Led Team Learning

Success in CHM 1033 indicates future performance in health sciences pathways. Fellows will facilitate PLTL sessions that encourage students to problem-solve as a group while increasing their social and academic confidence.  Aspiring Scholars must participate in Peer-Led Team Learning (PLTL) while taking CHM 1033 to maintain program eligibility.

Student Success Workshops

In collaboration with Learning Resources and MDC Works, STICHES will deliver eight student success workshops annually on career readiness and academic success. Aspiring scholars must attend four out of eight workshops to maintain program eligibility.

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Students who demonstrate co-curricular aptitude with the completion of the STICHES Academy and STICHES Scholars programs will earn digital badges in health sciences pathway workforce readiness. Micro-credentials are a supplemental achievement to certificates and degree programs that represent proficiency in health sciences workforce competencies.

STICHES Academy Badge

Earners of the STICHES Academy badge have completed the two-week STICHES Academy at Miami Dade College Kendall Campus, including preparatory coursework, student workshops, and group activities. Learners have demonstrated fundamental knowledge in intermediate algebra, developed student life skills contextualized to trends in the health sciences, and successfully completed Florida Ready to Work essential soft skills training in work habits and employability. This badge indicates the participant is workforce ready and actively pursuing academic and professional careers in the health sciences.


STICHES Scholar Badge

Earners of the STICHES Scholar badge have completed all components of the STICHES Scholars program at Miami Dade College Kendall Campus. Learners have demonstrated their readiness for academic and professional careers in the health sciences, committed to study and refine skills in foundational chemistry, and successfully earned a non-credit Basic Life Support CPR certificate. This badge indicates the participant is workforce ready and prepared for academic achievement in the health sciences.



*Stipend amount will be dependent on Financial Aid Award package and cost of attendance.

The STICHES grant is funded by the United States Department of Education. Award No. P031S200185.