Student and Teacher Integrated Center For Health Sciences

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About Us

With the Teaching and Learning Institute, STICHES bridges gaps by developing frequent and relevant programming to both teachers and students throughout the academic year. STICHES Teaching and Learning Institute ensures college faculty and area secondary school instructors are equipped with effective pedagogy and trained on best practices designed to address challenges in and out of the classroom. The Teaching and Learning Institute provides opportunities for student development with monthly career readiness and academic success workshops. Through the Institute, STICHES will further incorporate non-credit Basic Life Support CPR certification as a co-curricular experience to strengthen students’ knowledge and skill base in healthcare.

Transforming Local Instruction

STICHES Teaching and Learning Institute builds faculty learning communities by providing professional development opportunities to both Miami Dade College and area high school faculty. Follow-up teaching and learning seminars reinforce high impact practices covered in professional development workshops.

Process-Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning (POGIL)

In September 2022, faculty participants completed a 2-year professional development life cycle on Process-Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning. Attendees reviewed group structures and process skills in August 2021, then joined a follow-up seminar covering group versus team formation and reporting out strategies one year later. Effective use of POGIL has been shown to improve academic outcomes for students in STEM courses by increasing classroom engagement.

Health Sciences Students

Student Success Workshops

In collaboration with Learning Resources and MDC Works, STICHES will deliver eight student success workshops annually on career readiness and academic success. Workshops will be delivered on the following topics:

  • Time management
  • Study skills
  • Growth mindset
  • Financial literacy
  • Career literacy
  • Work ethics
  • Leadership
  • Simulation-based learning

Non-Credit Industry Certification

In collaboration with the School of Continuing Education and Professional DevelopmentSTICHES will deliver simulation-based education by providing free non-credit Basic Life Support CPR certification through the American Heart Association. CPR training will be held at STICHES Teaching and Learning Institute.

The STICHES grant is funded by the United States Department of Education. Award No. P031S200185.