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This program is part of the English and Communications Department.  The mission of our Developmental Education Program is to equip our students with the necessary communication skills to become successful students and lifelong contributors to our community.  Our program is designed to promote the development of cognitive and practical skills for the adult learner.  We offer courses in reading and English to help students build their skills in essential areas of study to prepare them to navigate their college classes and careers successfully.

We offer four 4-credit courses comprised of two mandatory components: lecture and lab.  Developmental Education Lab for Reading and Writing.  Special fee.  Prerequisites – placement test scores or departmental permission.

ENC 0015 - Developmental Education Writing 1 (PDF)
Addresses sentence and paragraph development using standard edited American English.

ENC 0025 - Developmental Education Writing 2 (PDF)
Addresses sentence, paragraph, and essay development using standard edited American English.

REA 0007 - Developmental Education Reading 1 (PDF)
Builds vocabulary skills, literal and critical comprehension skills, and successful reading strategies.

REA 0017 -Developmental Education Reading 2 (PDF)
Builds vocabulary skills, literal and critical comprehension skills, and successful reading strategies.

We also offer a 3-credit course.  Special permission is required.

ENC 0027 - Introduction to College Writing through Reading (PDF)
Introduces students to college level composition and reading.  Students will use the writing process to compose effective sentences, paragraphs, and essays using standard edited American English in response to various reading materials.  Students will demonstrate proficiency in literal and critical comprehension by using a variety of reading strategies. 

Professional Developmental Education Organizations

We are committed to delivering the highest level of education to our students.  Our instruction is based on sound pedagogical principles and research in developmental studies.


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