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Mathematics Success and Emotional Intelligence

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Gateways is a Title V grant centered around Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and mathematics success with the goal of improving retention, progression, and completion rates among high-need, low-income students. Through the integration of EQ development, Gateways is designed to (1) improve mathematics outcomes of students through supported math acceleration via a Summer Bridge Math Academy and (2) engage faculty and staff in educational development at the Wolfson Campus.

Why EQ?

Emotional Intelligence (EQ), as described by the emotional intelligence network, Six Seconds, is "the capacity to blend thinking and feeling to make optimal decisions." (Six Seconds) EQ is key to having a successful relationship with yourself and others. Studies have shown that EQ helps you succeed in work and at school, achieve your personal & career goals, and allows you to communicate more effectively.

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  • One-week Math Academy
  • Stipend and Scholarship opportunities
  • Social-Emotional Learning Forums (SELF)
  • Peer Mentoring (Wolf Pack)
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  • Hub for Faculty & Staff Collaboration
  • Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs)
  • Professional Development Opportunities
  • Quality Matters Course Certification

How to get involved

Uyen LeUyen Le

Sheila Taveras
Administrative Assistant

Jeffrey O’Neill, Ed.D.
Grant Manager
Teaching & Learning Center

Mandy Johnson
Grant Academic Manager
Summer Bridge

The Gateways grant is funded by the United States Department of Education. Award No. P031S200168