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What is the Summer Bridge Program?

The Summer Bridge Program is a comprehensive academic support program for students at the Wolfson Campus. The program is designed to provide a supported learning environment that reinforces math skills, peer learning, mentorship, financial literacy, and emotional intelligence skills that are important to success in college. Students can earn up to $450 for participating in program activities during their first year at Miami Dade College!

The Summer Bridge program has a focus on student achievement and aims to prepare students for the successful completion of college-level mathematics at MDC and strengthen student support networks. Students who have participated in similar programming at Wolfson have placed into higher-level mathematics courses upon completion and maintained an average GPA of 3.47.

Participation Opportunities

Summer Bridge students can participate in and benefit from the following activities:

Math Academy

The one-week Math Academy is designed to assist students with developing a deeper understanding in mathematics before they enroll in their first math course at MDC (MAT 1033 or MGF 1107).
Additional support during the Math Academy is provided via Peer-Led Team Learning (PLTL). PLTL is small group sessions led by second-year Peer Academic Leaders (PALs), which are proven to create supportive learning environments and improve students’ critical thinking and communication skills.

During the Math Academy, students will:

  • Engage in college-level mathematics curriculum with MDC faculty
  • Participate in PLTL facilitated by high achieving second-year students 
  • Have the opportunity to earn rewards, scholarships, and a stipend worth up to $350!

Summer Math Academy

  • Participate in Math Academy in June, prior to enrolling in courses during the second 6-week summer term
  • Enroll in MAT 1033 supported with PLTL
  • Participate in 4 Social Emotional Learning Forums 

Fall Math Academy

  • Participate in Math Academy in August, prior to enrolling in courses during the fall term
  • Option to enroll in accelerated mathematics supported with PLTL during the fall term

Peer Mentoring (Wolf Pack)

Summer Bridge participants are encouraged to participate in the Wolf Pack mentoring program. Wolf Pack is a three-tier mentoring program consisting of faculty, second-year college peer mentors, and first-year mentees. The Wolf Pack takes place Fall-Spring. As a mentee, students will:

  • Receive guidance and support during their first year at Miami Dade College
  • Connect with peers and increase social and academic confidence
  • Have the opportunity to earn rewards, scholarships, and a stiped worth up to $100!

Social Emotional Learning Forums (SELF)

Social Emotional Learning Forums are designed to enhance student’s educational experience for academic and professional success. SELF workshops are offered during the summer, fall and spring terms. In these forums, students will learn how to:

  • Apply emotional intelligence competencies towards academic success and personal development
  • Apply financial literacy competencies to improve personal finance matters efficiently
  • Engage in activities and be provided with material to target thoughts, feelings, and beliefs about college

The Gateways grant is funded by the United States Department of Education. Award No. P031S200168