Prior Learning Assessment

Earn College Credit for Your Prior Learning

Institutional Credit-by-Exams

Students taking an exam

In accordance with MDC’s Manual of Procedure (1100:407201), students may earn college credit through successful completion of an institutional credit-by-exam (iCBE). Such assessment shall certify levels of knowledge and skills consistent with the content of the course competencies and performance expectations established in the curriculum of the College for that course. The assessment of competencies shall take place through means consistent with generally accepted examination techniques of measuring college-level learning.

  1. Student must be admitted as a degree or certificate-seeking student at Miami Dade College.
  2. All official transcripts from other institutions must have been evaluated and posted on the student’s transcript prior to completing an iCBE request.
  3. Student must have 2.0 or higher GPA.
  4. Student must have satisfied any prerequisites for the course.
  5. Student must not have previously attempted to take the iCBE for the course.
  6. Student must not have previously received a grade of A, B, C, or S in the course.
  7. Student may not be registered for the course and simultaneously take the iCBE.
  8. Student must have completed the appropriate iCBE Request Form.
  1. Student must receive department consent to take an iCBE. Department Chair/liaison must submit the online iCBE Request Form.
  2. Students will be contacted by the Prior Learning Assessment Office to confirm eligibility and assist with coordinating department authorization and registering for all approved iCBEs.
  3. All iCBE registrations must be completed and fees need to be paid by each term’s published deadline (Last day to withdraw with a “W” grade; register for institutional credit-by-exam).
  1. Once a student is registered (by the department) for an iCBE, they are required to pay fees associated with administering and proctoring the exam. iCBE fees - $30 per credit and $35 Proctoring fee.
  2. Once payment is issued, students will be instructed to schedule their exam either through the department or campus testing center.
  1. Grades of A, B, C or D will be assigned for college credits earned by examination and will be computed in the student’s GPA.
  2. If the student fails the iCBE, the “W” withdrawal grade will appear on the student’s transcript by the end of the term. Earning a “W” withdrawal grade on an iCBE exam counts as an attempt in the course.
  3. Credits received through iCBE do not apply toward the residency requirement for Miami Dade College programs and/or certificates.
  4. Credits for departmental examination are not included in any computation of credit load for full-time or part-time student status.
  5. The grade will become a part of the student’s permanent record at the conclusion of the term in which it is awarded.

Academic Departments wishing to Submit an iCBE Referral

ICBE Referral