We Build MDC

March 5th, 2020 | Gymnasium | Kendall Campus

Track 1: Building on Student Access and Success

T1 1A 1B Supporting Students with Autism
T1 2A 2B Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace
T1 3A 3B Motivational Interviewing of Students: Moving the Conversation
T1 4A 4B Leading from the Center: Finding your Center
T1 5A NEW Pilot Program: Student Services Leadership Development
T1 6B Fostering a "Spirit of Care" for Men of Color
T1 7B Tackling and Combating Human Trafficking as a Global Concern
T1 8A 8B MDC Navigate: Guiding Students from Start to Completion
T1 9A 9B Returning Adult Students: What Have We Learned about What Works?

Track 2: Building on Educational Quality

T2 1A 1B Teaching and Learning through Discussion: An Introduction to the Harkness Method
T2 2B Celebrating and Learning from Faculty Innovation
T2 3A The Future of Education is Open: Panel Discussion on Open Educational Resources (OER) and Affordable Textbook Alternatives
T2 4A A Taste of PBL
T2 5B Changing the Game: Keeping Civics Strong with the Civic Action Scorecard
T2 6A Global Sustainability and Earth Literacy Studies: Building a Better Tomorrow
T2 7B Build-A-Pedagogy: Identifying Strategies That Work for You and Engage Students
T2 8B

Empowering Students Through Assignment Design

T2 9A 9B Not Liberal Arts As Usual, But Liberal Arts Unusual
T2 10B Become a Master Builder: Enhancing Course Content with Curriculum Builder and OER in Blackboard
T2 11A Connecting Across Borders: Designing Effective Collaborative Online International Learning Experiences
T2 12A Aligning the EAP reading and writing curriculum to proficiency standards
T2 13B Aligning the EAP listening and speaking curriculum to proficiency standards
T2 14B Sustainable Communities

Track 3: Building on Institutional Agility through Technology

T3 1A Phones out! Let's get them engaged! Creative ideas to use Flipgrid, Kahoot, Quizlet, and VoiceThread
T3 2A 2B Accessible Content is Better Content and Best Practices for Using the Blackboard Mobile App for Instructors and Students
T3 3A 3B Get ready! Blackboard Ultra Nav.: New Look, New Navigation, Same Courses!
T3 4A 4B Technology for Academics: Essential Tools 2020
T3 5A 5B Creating the Ultimate Learning Opportunities: How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Can Be Used in Education
T3 6A Shake Up Your Syllabus with Video
T3 7A 7B The Power of Pivots
T3 8A 8B Create Impactful Media for Communication, Teaching, and Learning Using Adobe Cloud!
T3 9B Build Your MDC Through Video
T3 10B Lockdown and Monitor Your Exams with Respondus
T3 11A 11B Elevate the Modern Workplace with Microsoft Teams
T3 12A 12B What's in Your Waffle? What's New in Microsoft EDU?
T3 13A 13B Don't Get Hacked! Cybersecurity Trends for 2020 - Building a More Secure MDC
T3 14A Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about MDConnect Financials; Don't be Afraid to Ask!
T3 15B A Requestor's BFF: A Step-by-Step on MDConnect Requisition Submission to Purchase Order

Track 4: Building on Institutional Agility through Skill Development

T4 1A 1B Myth v. Fact: A Deeper Look at the Impact of Interpersonal Violence on Students

T4 2A 2B

Active Shooter Scenarios: Awareness and Preparation Can Save Lives
T4 3A 3B Performance Management: Power to Influence Positive Accountability
T4 4A 4B Workload Management: Managing Your Time & Priorities
T4 5A 5B Civility: The Impact of Our Words and Actions
T4 6A 6B I'm Employed Now! What's next? Join the Association of Florida Colleges (AFC)
T4 7A 7B PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Awareness - Understanding the OSHA/ANSI Regulations Regarding Fire Safety & Awareness
T4 8A 8B Managing Change in Uncertain Times