Veteran & Military Services

Grants, Scholarship, and Other Assistance

The Financial Aid department at Miami Dade College can provide financial assistance to those students that qualify. There are different types of aid such as grants, scholarships and loans. For a detailed explanation, refer to Financial Aid Department. Per the VA Handbook(1), “any waiver, aid or assistance that is designated to reduce the student’s Tuition and Fee costs will be deducted from the net in-state charges reported to VA.” This policy will affect chapters 33-Post 9/11, 31-VocRehab, the Fry Scholarship and Transfer of Entitlement (Ch. 33) since the Tuition & Fees are submitted directly to Miami Dade College. Grants (Gifts Aid) are based on financial need and do not need to be repaid. Scholarships These funds are given to the students based on academic achievements and do not need to be repaid. Loans money you borrow that must be repaid with interest.

Source: (1) U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. School Certifying Official Handbook, Revision 5.6. The Florida Association of Veterans Education Specialists State Conference – St. Pete Beach, FL, June 3rd, 2019, (pp. 48).