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Cyber Range Course - DDoS

Course Overview

Group of cyber-security professionals working This course focuses on the hands-on skills needed to stop highly disruptive denial-of-service attacks. The course is centered around the state-of-the-art MDC Cyber Range and allows students to get hands-on experience with Linux, AWS, and security tools such as firewalls, SIEMs, and intrusion detection/prevention systems.

Upon completion of the course, each student will have the opportunity to defend against two full-scale cyberattacks in real-time within the Cyber Range platform. Each student that is able to successfully mitigate the cyberattacks will receive two MDC digital badges acknowledging their achievement.

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What you will do in this course

  • Experience defending against cyberattacks in real-time
  • Gain critical hands-on skills to augment your cybersecurity knowledge and experience
  • Use real industry-leading security tools such as IBM QRadar and Palo Alto Network firewalls
  • Create an AWS cloud server to practice installing and configuring Snort IDS/IPS
  • Write rules in Snort IDS/IPS
  • Review methods used to mitigate denial-of-service attacks and various techniques attackers use

Who should take this course?

The course is a non-credit course open to students who want to demonstrate hands-on proficiency with cybersecurity tactics and tools. Applicants must have foundational cybersecurity knowledge and/or experience in order to take this course.

Course Format

This is an MDC LIVE course. It is virtually led by an instructor (not videos) with scheduled online classes. Please note, this course is not on-demand nor will it be recorded for those that miss class sessions.

Course Registration and Cost

The course cost is $129 and it includes all courseware including the final assessment.

Achieving your digital badge

Upon completion of the course, you will face two full-scale cyberattacks. Successfully defend against the attacks in the allotted time and you will receive two MDC Cyber Range digital badges. The badges will allow you to showcase your cyber-defense skills to potential employers and progress your career.

Digital Badges Awarded for this course:

DDoS-SYN FLOOD badgeDDoS-DNS Amplification badge

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