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About Administrative Services at MDC Kendall Campus

The Administrative Services Division oversees and provides support in the areas of public safety, custodial services, mailing services, duplicating services, on-campus events, facilities rentals, campus facilities planning, and the fitness/wellness centers.

Kendall Campus has many excellent facilities such as the Dante Fascell Conference Center, the Fitness/Wellness Centers, and the Aquatic Centers which are available for your use. Within the Administrative Services webpage, you will also find pertinent information about the college's new MDConnect - Instructor Workload System, the reservation of our facilities, as well as hours of operation and contact phone numbers, and the respective work-order forms.

Campus Support Services


Name Position Phone Email
Ms. Cristina Mateo Senior Director of Campus Administration 305-237-2246
Ms. Amanda Munoz Campus Support Services Director 305-237-2421
Ms. Eydie N. Gomez Assistant to the Senior Director 305-237-2246  
Mr. Mario Ortiz Campus Facilities Planner 305-237-0259
Raquel Ortiz Events and Contracts Manager 305-237-2039
Ms. Yessenia Sierra Office Specialist 305-237-2239

Frequently Asked Questions

The following forms must have the signature of the Senior Director of Campus Administration before been processed:

  • Agreement for Services
  • Rental of Facilities
  • MDConnect Forms (Access Request, Chart of Accounts, Campus Solutions)
  • Budget Adjustments
  • Grant Applications
  • Keys and/or Access Card Requests

Security and Parking are critical issues at any campus. Access to secured parking areas is only available for full-time employees per Procedure 1411 – Keys and Access Control


Please be advised that the Kendall Campus has upgraded and installed new gate-card readers, to replace the old "Royce Card System" in secured gated employee parking lots. In order to gain access to these secured parking lots, the new readers have already been pre-programmed for the gate to open when you swipe your employee ID/Access card

The new readers are located in the following secured employee parking areas:

  • Lot #1 (south side of Bldg. 5000)
  • Lot #6 (west side of Bldg. 8000)
  • Lot #9 (Bldg. R)
  • Lot #10 (east side of Bldg. 2000)
  • Lot #13 (east side of Bldg. 1000)
  • Garage 1st Floor (west entrance)
  • Garage 2nd Floor
  • Garage 3rd Floor
  • Garage 4th Floor

DO NOT SWIPE the old white gate-cards in the new readers

  • ONLY full-time employees and adjunct faculty may have access to the secured parking areas on-Campus.
  • Access is granted automatically--to all gates ; so there's no need to send access requests for gates.
  • No, employees ARE NOT assigned to specific parking lots; you may access any of the parking lots listed above.
  • Most likely you are using a card with an ISO number (e.g. 6029 2200 XXXX XXXX) that is not active in the database.  This could be a result of any of the following:
  • If your card was recently replaced, the old card is deactivated and therefore is no longer a valid card in the system.
  • You may be using an old employee ID card that does not have a magnetic strip in the back.  If so, please go to the Student Life Department to replace the card with a new one.
  • You are using a card that has been officially disabled in the system because it has been reported as “lost or stolen.”
  • The gate-arm itself may be defective.
  • Please be advised that the Student Life Departments are NO LONGER authorized to issue employee IDs or replacements. If your card is damaged or broken, please submit the Access Card/Key Request Online Form in order to request a replacement.
  • If your card was lost or stolen, YOU MUST report it to Public Safety immediately, in order to deactivate it in the system. Lost or stolen cards will NOT be replaced without a Public Safety report.
  • Replacement of a lost card requires a $25 replacement fee; please refer to procedure 1411 – Keys and Access Control
  • If your card was recently replaced, the old card is deactivated and therefore is no longer a valid ID in the system. 
  • Do not waste College resources trying to obtain another card for convenience (e.g. to keep one in your vehicle and one in your wallet); only the most recently issued card will be active in the system.
  • Old Royce cards (white) are still property of the College and therefore should be returned to Public Safety accordingly.
  • Access to the gates on-campus is managed by the District Office of Emergency Preparedness. If you are having any trouble with the new card readers, please contact Carlos Alvarez via e-mail at, at your earliest convenience.