Kendall Campus

The Campus Planning area serves as a liaison with the District Facilities Management Division on all facilities related projects that are directly related to the Kendall Campus. Responsibilities of this office include developing educational specifications in conjunction with campus projects, such as coordinating renovation projects (including the processing of various work-orders and forms), and supporting the campus administration in the prioritization of capital improvement projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please use the furniture work order and contact the Campus Facilities Planner at 305-237-2421 if you need assistance.

The definitions are as follows:

Quick Jobs are most commonly defined as construction/renovation or repair projects that cost less than $15,000 and with less than six weeks of actual construction. They do not require state or other approval and are done at the discretion of the Provost in accordance with the priorities of District operational requirements.

The Plant Maintenance Work Request should be used to report problems such as air conditioning, lights/light fixtures, requests for keys, painting, hanging pictures, doors/locks repair, or ceiling tile repairs.