Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness

About Campus Public Safety

Although patrol officers do not have the powers of arrest, all criminal incidents and accidents are investigated by the Department of Public Safety, which maintains a cooperative relationship with all local, state and federal public safety agencies. In addition to accident and criminal investigations, this cooperation includes training programs and special events coordination.

To make it as convenient as possible for students, faculty/staff and visitors to report criminal incidents and other emergencies to the campus Department of Public Safety office extension. In addition, emergency phones are located throughout the campus grounds and parking facilities. Appropriate services are dispatched immediately to all calls.

Fire service is provided by the local Fire Rescue Department. All campus buildings have fire alarms systems with smoke detectors and automatic sprinkler systems and accessible fire extinguishers and hoses.

For medical emergencies, professional ambulance service is available from the local Fire Rescue Department. Patrol officers also respond to medical emergencies and are equipped and trained to provide assistance and aid until the arrival of more advanced medical personnel.

College resources designed to promote campus safety and security include an around-the-clock Department of Public Safety, Crime Prevention Program, and security-related services and maintenance programs. These services and programs help to maintain an environment that enhances the campus learning experience.