Single Stop

Legal Aid Referral

Single Stop provides referrals to nonprofit organizations that provide free or low-cost legal advice concerning:

  • Consumer Protection: Assistance with garnishment of wages and bank accounts, student loans problems, payday loan problems, disputes with credit reports.
  • Income Tax: Assist taxpayers with tax debts, identity theft, tax preparer fraud.
  • Public Benefits: Assistance with denials, terminations, and reductions of food stamps, cash assistance, reemployment assistance, and Social Security disability benefits.
  • Homeownership: Assist homeowners facing foreclosure, contractor issues, problems with Title to the home.
  • Tenants’ Rights: Assistance with eviction, terminations, housing conditions, discrimination.
  • Immigration - Pro bono attorneys provide assistance with immigration law inquiries, D.A.C.A., sponsorship, status adjustments, naturalization, and citizenship process.