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The New Student Center (NSC) at Wolfson Campus is here for you! The NSC guides prospective students in enrolling at Miami Dade College and in identifying strengths and areas of interest that connect with grants and scholarships to fund both short-term certificate and degree programs. The NSC provides personally curated advisement throughout the duration of certificate or degree programs for each and every student. As businesses focus on investing in their people, MDC continues to be a leading partner in upskilling our South Florida workforce.

Helpful Program Information for Adult Learners

Advising Support

Ready for next steps? Schedule an appointment with our advisor to choose the best program to achieve your goals! Walk-ins are welcome. Contact: Julio Vidal, College Readiness Specialist, at 305-237-7031 or

Community Partnerships

We’d love to meet you! Schedule an appointment for a campus tour. Our team is also happy to meet you at your office or attend an event to discuss educational opportunities! We look forward to supporting our partners in hosting their events at our facility, as well as making apprenticeships or internships available to our students.
Contact: Melissa Dynan, Business Development Manager, at 305-237-3294 or

To request an admission application packet, call us at 305-237-3076. You may also apply online now.

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