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Eligible College Credit Certificate Programs

Accounting and Budgeting

Closeup of a woman's hand working with an accountant calculator

The College Credit Certificate in Accounting & Budgeting will prepare students for entry level jobs in the accounting and budgeting field. It covers areas such as taxation for business, financial and managerial accounting as well as the use of accounting software in organizations. Credit earned can be applied towards the AS in Accounting Technology. This program leads to a Quickbooks certification.

Business Entrepreneurship Operations - Start-Up Venture

Five multi-ethnic business people gather in boardroom

The College Credit Certificate in Business Entrepreneurship Operations - Start-Up Venture is designed to prepare students for employment in entry-level positions or for opening their own business or venture. The start-up venture certificate covers areas such as funding your venture, marketing in a digital world, and lean start-up

Business Intelligence Professional

A IT professional reviews information with an abstract background of computer related items

The College Credit Certificate in Business Intelligence Professional prepares students with a skill-set that leads to producing financial and market intelligence by querying data repositories and generating periodic reports; devising methods for identifying data patterns and trends in available information sources and synthesizing current business intelligence or trend data to support recommendations for action.

Chef’s Apprentice

Plate of carrots in a sauce with a menu under the plate

The College Credit Certificate in Chef's Apprentice is designed to prepare students with a theoretical and practical foundation for a successful career in the culinary industry. Credits earned can be applied to an Associate in Science degree in Culinary Arts Management, which may be transferrable to upper division public institutions.

Digital Marketing Specialist

Woman creating a digital marketing campaign on a laptop and cell phone

The College Credit Certificate in Digital Marketing Specialist is designed to prepare students to build and execute a marketing plan using digital tools to design, distribute, promote, and price a product or service. Graduates will understand how to connect with consumers using multiple digital platforms to create effective targeted promotional campaigns. This program leads to a Facebook certification.

Early Childhood Education - Administrator

The College Credit Certificate in Early Childhood Education Administrator program prepares students with the knowledge and skills to effectively manage a quality childcare program or to provide supplementary training for persons previously or currently employed in these occupations.

Early Childhood Education - Child Development Early Intervention Specialization

The College Credit Certificate in Early Childhood Education (ECE) with a specialization in Child Development Early Intervention prepares students as early childhood educators who can identify learning differences in young children and meet their educational needs.

Early Childhood Education - Early Childhood Education Inclusion Specialization

The College Credit Certificate in Early Childhood Education - Early Childhood Education Inclusion Specialization is an introductory CCC for care practitioners who need training in addition to their initial credentials, i.e., Florida Child Care Professional Certificate (FCCPC) or the National Child Development Associate (N-CDA) credential to provide high quality early childhood education for all children.

Early Childhood Education - Preschool

The College Credit Certificate in Early Childhood Education - Preschool prepare students as early childhood education caregivers with a preschool specialization or to provide supplementary training for persons previously or currently employed in these occupations.

This CCC will allow its holder to apply for a National Child Development Associate credential enabling this student to pursue work as a childcare provider nationally or continue their education

Emergency Medical Technician

A EMT professional uses checks on a patient within an ambulance

The College Credit Certificate in Emergency Medical Technician program provides learning experiences that enable the student to acquire and assimilate the necessary technical competencies to function effectively as an EMT responding to medical emergencies in the pre-hospital environment.

An Emergency Medical Technician is an intermediate care practitioner in Emergency Medical Services. These individuals are the first to arrive on a scene and provide the initial assessment and direct patient care in the pre-hospital environment, as well as in emergency rooms, clinics, and ambulance services.

Enterprise Cloud Computing

Two IT professionals review cloud servers in a dimly lit server room

The College Credit Certificate in Enterprise Cloud Computing program is designed to provide an opportunity to establish a foundation in architect scalable, highly available application solutions that leverage cloud computing services. Utilizing best practices focusing on cloud security, cost, and reliability, graduates of the program will utilize core design patterns and infrastructure expertise to implement solutions to deploy and maintain workloads and applications.

Graphic Design Support

A Mac computer is shown with graphic design supplies on top of a desk

The College Credit Certificate in Graphic Design Support prepares students with occupational skills in the creation and production of promotional materials for print, multimedia and the Web, including the selection and arrangement of text and graphic elements to communicate a message.

Help Desk Support Technician

Technician working on a computer tower

The College Credit Certificate in Help Desk Support Technician is designed to prepare students with the technical knowledge and skills for employment as entry-level computer help desk and support technicians in commercial, industrial, and government institutions. This program leads to a certification in CompTIA, A+ and CompTIA Network+.

Infant/Toddler Specialization

The College Credit Certificate in Infant/Toddler Specialization prepares students as early childhood education caregivers with an infant/toddler specialization or provide supplementary training for persons previously or currently employed in these occupations.

Lean Manufacturing

A supervisor reviews a project with two staff members centered around a computing device placed on a table

The College Credit Certificate in Lean Manufacturing prepares students for initial employment with an occupational title as a Quality Specialist or Lean Specialist in various specialized areas. It also can provide supplemental training for persons previously or currently employed in these occupations. These courses can be applied to the Associate of Science in Advanced Manufacturing.

Network Security

professor explaining to student in front of computer screen

The College Credit Certificate in Network Security prepares students with the skills and certifications needed to fulfill roles and positions in the Information Security industry. Students in this program will be prepared for exams in the following industry certifications: CompTIA Security+, Linux+, Network+, CySA+ and Certified Network Defender.

Pattern Making and Construction

A young woman works on a pattern

The College Credit Certificate in Pattern Making and Construction prepares students to fulfill the essential roles of machinists, patternmakers, and pattern cutters in the growing fashion industry. Classes focus on the technical skills and basic textile knowledge required to fill positions as entry-level positions in fashion construction/manufacturing.

Virtual and Augmented Reality Technologies

A woman with virtual reality goggles with the overlay of a computer simulation is shown

The College Credit Certificate in Virtual and Augmented Reality Technologies program of study includes real-life practical projects, interviews with industry leaders, information on industry growth, and opportunities for content creators, developers, and other entrepreneurs. In addition to offering quality instruction and practical knowledge, the material covered in this course includes an introduction to virtual and augmented technologies, game engines, and virtual reality platform development.

Logistics and Transportation Specialist

Logistics and Transportation Specialist

The College Credit Certificate in Logistics and Transportation Specialist is designed to provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue a career in the transportation, distribution, and logistics industry. The program covers a wide range of topics to ensure that students understand the various aspects of supply chain management and related business practices. Graduates of the program are equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to contribute to the efficient and effective management of supply chains in various organizations.

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This program will cover tuition after any qualifying financial aid is applied. Kickstart will only cover tuition if students do not have any other funding sources. Additionally, students will receive $250 for book stipends. The stipend is provided once per semester, irrespective of whether the student is enrolled in multiple mini-terms or the amount of credits they are taking.

Students will receive a flat rate of $250. To obtain this reimbursement, you must create a bank mobile account. It may take up to 2 weeks from the start date to receive your stipend.

MDC delivers your stipend with Bank Mobile Disbursements, a technology solution, powered by BMTX, Inc. For information about visit Bank Mobile Disbursements.

There are two options for receiving funds:

  1. Deposit to an existing account - Money is transferred to an existing account the same business day Bank Mobile receives funds from your school. Typically, it takes 1 – 2 business days for the receiving bank to credit the money to your account.

  2. Deposit to a Bank Mobile VIBE account - If you open a Bank Mobile Vibe checking account (upon identity verification), money is deposited the same business day Bank Mobile receives funds from your school. If you are prompted to provide a code, contact the Bursar's office at 305-237-9310.

Admissions will be conducted on a rolling basis, contingent upon fund availability.

This scholarship opportunity is open to both new applicants and returning students.

To be eligible for the scholarship, applicants must:

  • Possess a high school diploma or equivalent credential.
  • Be a current MDC student with an active MDC ID
  • Provide documentation confirming Florida residency.
  • Demonstrate computer proficiency.
  • Complete the certificate program within two years or less, focusing on one certificate at a time.
  • Not be concurrently enrolled in any other associate or bachelor's degree programs.

In order to ensure maximum program effectiveness and student benefit, applicants are limited to applying for one program. Students are required to complete their initial College Credit Certificate (CCC) before beginning another program. Any additional CCC enrollment is subject to availability, with priority given to students possessing only one CCC.

This program requires the completion of the College Credit Certificate program within the designated time frame for each program. We encourage students to aim for completion within two years. Successful completion of the first semester is necessary to enroll in the subsequent one.

Students must complete the CCC within two years or less. If a student is inactive for more than two semesters, they will be disqualified from the grant.

All programs will be conducted exclusively in English. These academic offerings are accredited by the State of Florida and are integral components of MDC's curriculum, hence instruction is conducted solely in English.

Additionally, students for whom English is a second language are eligible to utilize the EnGen platform to aid in their success within their CCC coursework.

To ensure the issuance of a certificate, students must ensure that their certificate program is listed as an addition to their major or is designated as their exclusive major.

Indeed, this is an academic program, and upon successful completion, students will be awarded a College Credit Certificate degree. It is essential to declare your CCC program in your academic profile to facilitate the process.

Furthermore, many of these programs are "stackable," meaning that upon completion of one program, you may have the opportunity to enroll in an associate degree program and only need to fulfill additional course requirements to obtain your associate degree.

Moreover, this program offers the opportunity to attain industry certifications relevant to your chosen field.

Miami Dade College offers students a range of attendance options tailored to their individual needs:

  • MDC In-person: Attend classes on campus for traditional face-to-face instruction.
  • MDC Blended: Experience a combination of online and traditional in-person learning.
  • MDC LIVE – Learning Interactively in a Virtual Environment: Engage in virtual classes from any location and participate in real-time interactions with professors and peers on scheduled days and times, mirroring the in-person classroom experience.
  • MDC Online: Access online classes with the flexibility to complete coursework at your own pace while adhering to weekly and term deadlines.

Please note that while we strive to accommodate all students, we do not guarantee class availability at any given time. Availability depends on the courses offered by the college.

While eligibility for financial aid is not mandatory, it is highly recommended for all students to apply for FAFSA as they may qualify for additional grants. It is important to keep in mind that if a student is eligible for other sources of funding, Kickstart will not provide funding for them. Your college advisor will inform you whether you need to complete a FAFSA application.

To begin the application process, please click on the "Apply Now" button, complete the provided questionnaire, and submit the form. Upon submission, you will receive a confirmation email. Within 48- 72 business hours, you will be notified regarding the status of your request.

Enrollment in courses exclusively aligned with your chosen College Credit Certificate (CCC) is mandatory.

Students are required to enroll in classes specified under their selected College Credit Certificate program. Courses not listed under the desired certificate will not be eligible for coverage under the program. It is imperative for students to thoroughly review the course list before enrollment to prevent any delays in tuition disbursement.

If you have not received a response from us within 48-72 business hours after submitting your application, please don't hesitate to contact us by emailing

Please note that students will be notified via email regarding the status of their application, including whether they are eligible or not. It is crucial for students to carefully monitor their email for any updates.

Kickstart will exclusively cover tuition for courses corresponding to the selected College Credit Certificate (CCC) and provide a semesterly book stipend. However, eligible students will also be informed about opportunities for industry certifications. Furthermore, students have complimentary access to EnGen, an English language learning and upskilling platform tailored to workforce readiness skills. For further inquiries, please contact us at

Miami Dade College offers various scholarship opportunities for new, continuing, returning, and transfer students: