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TRIO Educational Opportunity Center

TRIO EOC is a federally funded educational program designed to afford the opportunity of a college education to students from families without a legacy of higher education.

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Who is TRIO-EOC Miami?

The TRIO Educational Opportunity Center is the mentor you always wish you had.

We are designed to provide individual advisement in English, Spanish or Creole so that you can continue your educational pathway. Our mission is to increase the number of adults that enroll in higher education and assist you with any barriers that may be preventing you from starting. We believe it is never too late to start!

Employers currently advertise millions of job openings that require a minimum of an Associate's degree. It is in anticipation of this new job market demand that TRIO EOC is creating educational opportunities beyond a high school level for eligible adults in Miami Dade County.

Our Results

Each year, our program is accountable for meeting specific performance outcomes. This helps guarantee our students success! Since 2002, we have:

    • Secured over $45 million federal dollars for our TRIO participants to attend college and technical school.
    • Assisted over 9,000 Miami Dade Residents apply for college
    • Served over 16,000 individuals interested in furthering their education