Veteran & Military Services

Remedial / Refresher Courses

Veteran students who are currently on “active” duty status, or entered the 9th grade after the 2003-2004 school years, and subsequently earned a Florida standards high school diploma, may not be certified for the pursuit of remedial/refresher courses. Exception: students may be certified if they graduated with a GED, graduated from a private Florida high school, or a high school outside the State of Florida (as long as the student is not on active duty status.)

Repeating Courses

Classes that are successfully completed may not be certified again for VA purposes. However, if a student fails a class, or if a program requires a higher grade than the one achieved in a particular class, that class may be repeated and certified again. If a course is required for graduation, a student may repeat the course and be certified for that course until it is successfully completed. If a student chooses to repeat a course that was successfully completed, just to improve their GPA, that course cannot be certified. Only the state rate will be paid for courses that are repeated, and the additional cost is the responsibility of the student. The student must meet the standards of academic progress in order for the repeat course to be paid.

Change of Major Procedures

Students using VA educational benefits while attending MDC must complete the following steps to change major/degree programs:

  1. Complete a Change of Major request form.
  2. Complete a Change of Program or Training Place form on the e-benefits site.
  3. Submit a copy of Change of Major (MDC) AND Change of Program or Training Place (VA) to

Once the major/degree program has been approved by Miami Dade College and the VA, the change will be submitted through our reporting system and classes will be certified.

Reductions and/or Withdrawals

Grades of ‘IW’ (Instructor Withdrawal) and ‘W’ (Withdrawal) after the add/drop period for the term will impact VA educational benefits. If a rate of pursuit changes, the VA may bill tuition and fees, housing allowance, and/or additional funds deposited.