Academic Progress

Make sure to stay in contact with an advisor as you advance through your degree. An advisor will help you track your progress, review your aspirations and ensure that you are on track to meet your goals.

MAP (My Academic Plan)

Once you decide on an academic pathway, you will be able to develop a semester-by-semester educational plan for your entire program. This is called My Academic Plan. Your MAP should combine general education requirements with major course requirements. Your advisor will help you create your MAP, then all you have to do is follow it. MDC is currently migrating to a new academic planning software which will allow advisors and students to collaborate more closely in the development of an academic plan. View your MAP in MDC's current system. View your academic plan in our Navigate platform.

Career Choices and Academic Programs

Want to find out more about degrees and careers? Visit the Academic Programs page where you can get an overview of the more than 300 programs and study options offered at MDC. You can also search and compare programs to see which best match your needs. Each academic program page includes information about potential careers and salaries associated with that program of study.

Academic Support

Your advisor can assist you with referrals to internal and external resources and support services.