Financial Aid

Standards of Academic Progress Appeal Guide


To petition for the reinstatement of your financial aid, please complete the following steps:

  1. Complete the SAP Appeal form.
  2. Check your degree audit
  3. Provide a letter explaining the reasons you did not meet SAP standards and the changes you have made to ensure academic success from this point forward. Your letter should include each term you did not successfully complete and/or the reason you have excess credits.
  4. Meet with an academic advisor to complete your MAP. You and your advisor will plan your courses through completion. You must follow your MAP and make academic progress to receive future aid. Provide a copy of your MAP with your appeal.
  5. Attach supporting documentation that supports your letter. The documents should reflect what occurred to prevent you from meeting SAP standards. Please ensure the documents support each term affecting your progress. Examples of documentation may include the following:
    • Official letter signed by the attending doctor stating what occurred, dates and services provided. The condition must have occurred during the terms you did not successfully complete.
    • If an accident occurred, a copy of the police report. A copy of the insurance claim may also be provided.

    Other examples may include but are not limited to:

    • Death or birth records
    • Divorce decrees
    • Hospital records
    • Eviction notices
    • Travel papers
    • Employment records
    • Military orders
    • Court records
    • Coronavirus (COVID-19)
  6. Once you have all of these items, submit the package to the financial aid office. A committee will review your appeal. You will be informed of the decision via your MDC email account.