Earth Ethics Institute

EEI Faculty Council


The Earth Ethics Institute Council is comprised of self-selecting Miami Dade College faculty and staff and represents many disciplines and departments from our eight campuses. The Council meets once a month and helps guide the work of the Institute. In addition, many Council members serve as campus Green Team/Sustainability Committee chairs.

Council Mentors

Council mentors are previous Council members that are not currently active but have helped guide EEI's work in the past as part of the Council.

NameCampus During Active Membership
Juan Abascal Kendall
Miriam Abety Padrón
Rubén Abruña Community
Carla Arias Wolfson
Catalina Aristizabal Kendall
Phyllis Baker Wolfson
Dominic Brucato Kendall
Maria Casado Hialeah
Victoria Castells Hialeah
Rodolfo Cruz Hialeah 
Lyle Culver Kendall 
Joyce DiBenedetto-Colton Wolfson 
Raquel Fundora Padrón 
Nicole Gerard Community 
Emilie Goeser Wolfson 
Diana Pacin-de Gongora Kendall 
Marilyn Gottlieb-Roberts Wolfson 
Vellisse Grimes Kendall 
Jose Guntin Kendall 
Gail Hawks Kendall 
Michael Hettich Wolfson 
Steve Kronen West
Judy Lever-Dufy Homestead 
Susan Lewis Community 
Eric Lichtman Kendall 
Tiina Lombard North 
Marcia Lopes de Mello Kendall 
David McGuirk Padrón 
Chris Migliaccio Wolfson 
Elena Perez-Mirabal Kendall 
Carol Petrozella Medical 
Glenda Phipps Hialeah 
Alex Salinas Padrón 
Rebecca Sanchez Wolfson 
Patricia Siemen Wolfson 
Diane Sloan North 
Brad Stocker Kendall 
Diego Tibaquira Padrón 
Richard Townsend Kendall 
Kimberly Tupy Hialeah 
Marisol Varela Padrón 
Mario Yanez Community 
Jo Anne Zarowny North 
Annette Zimmerman
Wells Ewing