Kendall Campus

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Mission Statement

The mission of the English and Communications Department of Miami Dade College – Kendall Campus is for each student to achieve proficiency in English in the following areas: reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

We prepare our students to read at the college level, to express themselves coherently in written and oral presentations, and to analyze and understand presentations made by others.

Through a wide variety of courses in composition, creative writing, journalism, speech and literature, the department seeks to encourage students to live an ethical and humane life, to explore human relationships, to think and act creatively, and to develop the critical analytical skills that foster effective communication in college, career and life.

Values Statement

Miami Dade College is committed to the pursuit of truth, and to the promotion of the values of responsibility and honor.

English Resources

Kendall Campus Academic Writing Support Lab

Kendall Writing Lounge

Provides students with individual support for English courses and as well as support in other courses that require writing.

Kendall Campus Speech and Debate Lab

Speech and Debate Lab

Provides an area on campus which is specifically geared to helping students with all aspects of public speaking

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Student publication in which student writers can polish their work for publication and learn the basics of editing, designing, illustrating, and other aspects of publishing.

Academic Programs

  • English/Literature and English Education

    English/Literature is the study of great written works and how they were shaped by historical and cultural events. This program also includes education courses to prepare students for careers as teachers. However, students who graduate with a bachelors’ degree in English are also equipped to work in publishing, and may be qualified to work as a writer in virtually any field.

  • Mass Communications/Journalism

    Mass Communication examines the role of media in society. Coursework includes media criticism and analysis, U.S. history and government, sociology, and a study of the broadcast, cable and internet industries. Depending upon the student’s area of interest, study can also include journalism, and television and radio production. A bachelor’s in mass communication equips one to work in journalism, corporate communication, or in certain business or managerial positions in television or radio.

  • Speech Pathology & Audiology

    This program provides fundamental coursework in biology and communications so that students may transfer to a four-year institution. The curriculum leading to the Baccalaureate degree is usually designed as pre-professional education for a graduate program. Speech language pathologists and audiologists provide clinical services to individuals with speech, language and hearing impairments.

Faculty and Staff

Department Staff
Titus, Craig P Department Chair 305-237-2854 2206-06
De Paz, Maribel Assistant to Chair 305-237-2024 2206-05
Rodriguez, Jessica Department Secretary 305-237-0804 2206
Tulloch, David Department Advisor 305-237-0629 2206-03

English Faculty
Anderson, Patrick English 305-237-2167 2218-02
Cahill-Booth, Lara English 305-237-0931 2202-07
Colagrande, John English 305-237-2906 2218-07
Duasso, Manuel English 305-237-2712 2202-04
Fernandez-Sterling, Rita English 305-237-2460 2218-03
Gonzalez, Carlos English 305-237-0934 2218-04
Heredia, David English 305-237-2230 2207-04
Leitch, Patrick English 305-237-2907 2202-06
Orozco-Vaca, Sylvia English 305-237-2350 2204-04
Perez-Mirabal, Elena English 305-237-2548 2202-05
Plata, Monica English 305-237-2219 2207-03
Robinson, Christine English 305-237-2508 2220-07
Schroeder, David English 305-237-2512 2220-06
Ser, Cary English 305-237-2254 2220-08
Tulloch, Denton English 305-237-2217 2218-01
Varela, Marisol English 305-237-2527 2220-05
Yi Ortiz, Nancy English 305-237-2417 2218-05
Zamorano, Martha English 305-237-0929 2220-01

Speech Faculty
Midence, Renae Speech 305-237-2870 2220-04
Murphy, William Speech 305-237-2483 2206
Ochoa, Aileen Speech 305-237-2376 2220-02
Rosen-Gonzalez, Kristen Speech 305-237-2079 2202-08
Wadle, David Speech 305-237-2639 2221

Communications & Journalism Faculty
Sigale, Merwin Journalism & Mass Comm 305-237-2261 2202-01