VOLUME 33 • 2023

Editor-in-Chief, Megan Carrion

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About Miambiance


Miambiance's mission is to support creative talents by providing a learning environment in which student writers can polish their work for publication and learn the basics of editing, designing, illustrating, and other aspects of publishing. Miambiance accepts submissions of poetry, fiction, non-fiction, photography, illustration, spoken word poetry, and music from Miami Dade College students who are currently enrolled in any course at the Kendall Campus.

Who we are

Miambiance is an award-winning literature and arts magazine, published once a year by the English and Communications Department. All works in the magazine are created, designed, and edited solely by students. The decision about works selected for publication is made by a panel of students for each category.


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Volume 1 cover
Volume 1, published 1989 Miambiance
Volume 2 cover
Volume 2 Miambiance
Volume 3 cover
Volume 3 Miambiance
Volume 4 cover
Volume 4, published 1994 Miambiance
Volume 5 cover
Volume 5, published 1995 Miambiance
Volume 6 cover
Volume 6, published 1996 Miambiance
Volume 7 cover
Volume 7, published 1997 Miambiance
Volume 8 cover
Volume 8, published 1998 Miambiance
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Volume 9, published 1999 Miambiance
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Volume 10, published 2000 Miambiance
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Volume 11, published 2001 Miambiance
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Volume 12, published 2002 Miambiance
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Volume 13, published 2003 Miambiance
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Volume 14, published 2004 Miambiance
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Volume 15, published 2005 Miambiance
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Volume 16, published 2006 Miambiance
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Volume 17, published 2007 Miambiance
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Volume 18, published 2008 Miambiance
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Volume 19, published 2009 Miambiance
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Volume 23, published 2013 Miambiance
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Volume 24, published 2014 Miambiance
Volume 25 cover
Volume 25, published 2015 Miambiance
Volume 26 cover
Volume 26, published 2016 Miambiance
Volume 27 cover
Volume 27, published 2017 Miambiance
Volume 28 cover
Volume 28, published 2018 Miambiance
abstract photograph of an old car with a girls legs pointing upwards behind it
Volume 29, published 2019 Miambiance
abstract photograph of an old car with a girls legs pointing upwards behind it
Volume 30, published 2020 Miambiance
Illustration of a black and white house that is pictured upside down on the top and then the same house right-side up further down.
Volume 31, published 2021 Miambiance
Cover photo of naked woman with hand on breast.
Volume 32, published 2022 Miambiance


Editor in Chief

Megan Carrion

Editorial board

Diego Franco, Gabriela Palacios, Sophia Chebli, Hector Zumbado, Ana Perozo, and Isabella Villa Urrego

Faculty Advisers

  • Rita Fernandez-Sterling, Literature
    Tony Chirinos, Visual Arts and Photography


  • Dr. Craig Titus, English and Communications
    Bonnie Seeman, Arts and Philosophy

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