Aquatic and Fitness Center

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Leg Extensions

Muscle Group: Quadriceps          

Type of exercise: The leg extension is isolation, strength building, resistance weight training exercise which is primarily used to work out the quads.
The leg extension is a single-joint exercise that works your quadriceps muscles on the front of your thigh. Three different types of muscle contractions occur during this basic leg exercise. Although the focus is typically on the concentric contraction when you are lifting the weight, your quadriceps muscles are contracting during other phases of the movement.

Weight: Weight is distributed in 5 lbs increments

Benefits: Leg extensions focus the tension on just your quadriceps. This is the only leg exercise that targets your quadriceps without involving other muscles. Other leg exercises, such as squats, step-ups and leg presses, work the quadriceps, but the hamstrings, calves or glute muscles assist the during the movement. If your quadriceps are weak, performing leg extensions allows you to focus on strengthening just that muscle.

Workout Guideline

Beginners: Lightweight, 3 Sets, 12- 15 repetitions, 60- 90 seconds rest in between sets.
Intermediate: Light to Heavy Weight, 4 sets, 12- 15 repetitions, 45- 60 seconds rest in between sets.
Advance: Medium to Heavy Weight, 4 sets, 8- 12 repetitions, 30-45 seconds rest in between sets.


Hip Abduction & Adduction

Horizontal Calf

Kneeling Leg Curl

Seated Leg Curl

Seated Leg Press