Strategy and Institutional Effectiveness

Data Liaisons are Miami Dade College employees who partner with and are trained by the Division of Strategy and Institutional Effectiveness (SIE) on behalf of their campus, academic school/program, or district unit to increase the College's capacity for data informed decision making, research, data analysis, assessment, and evaluation.

Although their specific roles and responsibilities vary, Data Liaisons serve as consultants and resources to their leadership, respective units and campus on matters related to research, data analysis, assessment, and evaluation for internal purposes only. Data Liaisons are appointed by the leadership of the campus, academic school/program, or district unit; except for the Testing and Assessment Directors whose essential duties and responsibilities includes serving as a campus Data Liaison for the Division of Strategy and Institutional Effectiveness.

Data Liaisons may be provided access to data files containing individual student-level information. In addition, they must comply with all applicable federal, state, and local statutes and regulations and with all institutional policies, procedures, and accepted practice for ensuring the security of student and personnel records; protecting student and personnel privacy; and using data ethically and responsibly.

SIE will provide training as appropriate to ensure compliance. At a minimum, Data Liaisons must complete all of the following:

  • MDC Data training session approved and provided by SIE
  • MDC Campus Solutions Access Request Form
  • MDC Security Awareness Training
  • MDC FERPA Workshop
  • Human Subjects Research Training (Protection of Human Subjects Training Request Form)
  • Terms of Agreement

Arian Torres Lopez
Business Intel Developer

Edward Pardo
Assessment & Evaluation Analyst

Gilberto Gonzalez
Database & Report Analyst, School of Education

Krystal Daniels-Olanipekun
Program Manager, Career & Technical Education

Manuel Perez
Dean, Engineering, Technology and Design

Monica Minchala
Director, Program Development

Pedro Santos Acosta
Executive Director of Emerging Technologies

Alfonso Ribero
Director, Testing and Assessment

Eleazar Asencio
Associate Director, Learning Resources

Erick Dominicis
Collegewide Director of Learning Resources

Dr. James A. Thomas
Chair, School of Business, Engineering and Technology

Julio Fernandez de Cueto
Director, Student Services

Niurka Goenaga
Dean, Faculty

Dr. Nelson Magana
Dean, Student Services

Alexander Hernandez
Director, Learning Resources

Andrea Forero
Director, Campus Administration

Adriana Alvarez
Director, Testing and Assessment

Dr. Evelyn Falcon
Assistant Dean of Students, Academic Affairs

Gabriel Hernandez
Administrative Assistant III

Caitlin Richardson
Director, Learning Resources

Hong (Wendy) Qing Zhu
Database & Report Analyst STEM

Ivo Rokovich
Director, Testing and Assessment

Nicholas Currie
Director, Career and Advisement Services

Yilian Fraga
Director, TRIO Student Support Services

Ania Canales Toledo
Director, Career & Advisement Services

Dr. Clairem Diaz
Associate Dean, Faculty

Gricel Ubeda
Director, Testing and Assessment

Homero Vallejo
Director, New Student Center

Jennifer Kross
Director, Retention and Transition Services

Roger Sanchez
Administrative Assistant III, Academic Affairs

Russell Kaufman
Campus, CIO

Daniel Galliano
Program Manager, School of Nursing

Dr. Ron Winston
Chair, Health Science

Marie Bernardin
Director, Student Services

Mark A. Ross
Director, Testing and Assessment

Angel Hernandez
Director, Learning Resources

Dr. Claudia Bonilla
Associate Dean, Faculty

Custell Smith
Director, Testing and Assessment

Crystel Lewis
Dean, Student Services

Gabriela Cardenas
Director, Retention and Transition

Maria Denise Mera
Director, New Student Center

Anyeniqui Martinez Leon
Director, Testing and Assessment

Dr. Cynthia Bice
Dean, Faculty

Dr. Sara Alegria
Associate Director, Learning Resources

Felix Monterrey
Associate Instructor, Learning Resources

Jennafer Spiegelman
Administrative Assistant II, Academic Affairs

Mayte Castro Pino
Director, Student Services

Sandy Mujica
Chair, School Pathways

Frances Fraser
Director Testing and Assessment

Belinda Duclos
Assistant Director, Career & Advisement Services

Dr. Donna Jennings
Director, MDC Online

Jonathan Gonzalez
Director, Student Services

Amarilys Blanco
Director, Testing and Assessment