Strategy and Institutional Effectiveness

Confidentiality Provision

The confidentiality provision for services provided by the Division of Strategy and Institutional Effectiveness are as follows:

I have represented that I have a legitimate interest, in accordance with all applicable law, to the information requested in my study. I have read, understood and am familiar with federal and State of Florida laws, including, but not limited to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act ("FERPA") and Miami Dade College policies and procedures regarding data confidentiality and student educational records protection. I agree to organize, store, maintain, analyze, transfer, and/or dispose of the information provided in such a manner as to be in compliance with FERPA and applicable federal and state regulations to reasonably prevent loss, unauthorized access or divulgence of confidential information. This includes, but is not limited to:

  1. storing data in a secure area that is only accessible to authorized personnel
  2. storing data in a locked cabinet and/or on a device that automatically locks after a period of inactivity,
  3. using encryption when transmitting data and storing data on removable media, and
  4. using physical or cryptographic destruction when the data is no longer needed.

I understand that the information provided may only be shared among certain College employees according to well-defined business processes approved by the Data Steward and endorsed by the Division of Strategy and Institutional Effectiveness. I also understand and agree to utilize the information for the purpose, scope, and duration of the study as indicated in my application and will not disclose the provided information to a third party unless expressly approved in this Agreement. In the event that I am permitted to disclose the information provided, I agree not to disclose personally identifiable information. Once the information is no longer of use for the study, I agree to destroy the information provided. I am aware that I and my company shall be held liable for any breach of this confidentiality provision and for any disclosure of the information to which I will have access.

Employee-use data files are prepared and made available to MDC faculty and staff for analysis purposes only. MDC faculty and staff who use employee-use data files must comply with the confidentiality provision for services provided by the Division of Strategy and Institutional Effectiveness to ensure that personally identifiable information is protected and that data files will be used solely for analysis. Employee-use data files or information derived from such data files should not be disseminated to individuals outside the College without first consulting with the Division of Institutional Effectiveness.

Data files may be updated periodically without notice. The date when employee-use data files are prepared and/or made available will be noted in all files. By downloading and using these data files, you signify your agreement to comply with the above-stated requirements.