Coordinating Committees



Miami Dade College engages in ongoing, integrated, and institution-wide research-based planning and evaluation processes that (1) incorporate a systematic review of institutional mission, goals, and outcomes; (2) result in continuing improvement in institutional quality; and (3) demonstrate that the institution is effectively accomplishing its mission.

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness engages the College community in a systematic and strategic process of continuous improvement to fulfill the College’s mission. This engagement not only supports data-driven decision-making at the College but also facilitates the integration of planning, assessment, and research to improve educational programs; administrative support services; academic and student support services; and community/public service.


The Miami Dade College Institutional Effectiveness Model implements and evaluates the College’s mission, vision, and values through regular and systematic planning, assessment, and evaluation at the College, campus, district area, and unit levels. Click on the image below for more information about planning, assessment and evaluation at the College.

MDC Mission, Vision and Values


College-wide Strategic Planning
  • Conducted every five years
College-wide Action Planning

Five-year plan with commitments from campuses; academic disciplines; professional schools and programs; student support services; and administrative support services.

  • Annual Planning - Campuses; academic disciplines; professional schools and programs; student support services; and administrative support services develop annual plans based on the College-wide Strategic Plan, and Action Plan
  • Setting Annual Budget Priorities - Set annually based on the College-wide Strategic Plan and Action Plan

Assesment and Evaluation

Annual College-wide Institutional Effectiveness

  • Annual Report

Campus-level Effectiveness

  • Annual Campus Report

Internal Processes

College-wide Strategic Plan
  • Annual evaluation of progress
Program Review
  • Program Review reports and summary report of programs reviewed in a given year
College-wide Student Learning Outcomes
  • Annual summary report

External Processes

Federal Reporting
  • Annual IPEDS, Gainful Employment, etc. reporting
State Reporting
  • Annual State Accountability, Perkins, Baccalaureate Accountability, $10K Degree, Developmental Education, etc. reporting
Accreditation Reporting
  • Annual SACSCOC QEP progress reporting, Specialized accreditation reporting
Grant Reporting
  • Annual progress reporting
Other Reporting

Unit-level Effectiveness

  • Annual Effectiveness Report, which includes information on College-wide General Education Student Learning Outcomes, Program Level Outcomes, and Performance Outcomes


Planning activities are coordinated by the College-wide Strategic Plan Coordinating Committee, and assessment and evaluation activities are coordinated by the College-wide Institutional Effectiveness Committee. Both committees are supported by the Office of Institutional Effectiveness.