Miami Dade College Kendall Campus

Fitness and Wellness Center

  • Mathew Diaz-Buil

    Mathew Diaz-Buil

    Education:A.A. in Exercise Science from MDC
    B.S. in Physical Education with a track in Sport and Fitness Studies from FIU

    Certifications: CPR and AED Certified

    Hobbies: Working out, Playing Sports and traveling

    Training Expertise: Knowledgeable about strength training and conditioning the body. Helping others become more flexible with mobility training and anything that has to do with fitness and athletics.

  • Caitlin Clancy

    Caitlin Clancy

    Education: A.A. in Pre-Nursing from MDC
    B.S. in Physical Education with a track in Sport and Fitness Studies from FIU

    Certifications: CPR and AED Certified. Certified Personal Trainer from NCSF

    Training Expertise: Passionate about sports, personal fitness, and motivating others in reaching their fitness goals. Specializes in creating exercise routines designed for weight training, weight loss and toning of the lower body.

    Hobbies:Weight training, playing sports, dancing, eating chocolate, traveling and proving people wrong

  • Marla Gonzalez

    Marla Gonzalez

    Education:Associate in Arts degree in Pre-Physical Therapy.
    Bachelor’s Physical Education Sport and Fitness Track & Currently completing a Master’s in Kinesiology and Exercise Science

    Certifications: NCSF Certified Personal Trainer, CPR/AED

    Training Expertise:Body toning and core strengthening

    Hobbies: Working out and dancing

  • John-Thomas Hernandez

    John-Thomas Hernandez

    Education: Associate's Degree in Hospitality Management from MDC. Currently Pursuing Bachelor's in Hospitality Management at FIU

    Training Expertise: Calf Training Cardiovascular Conditioning Range of Motion, Flexibility, and Mobility.

  • Melissa Lorio-Galeano

    Melissa Lorio-Galeano

    Education: currently working on my AA on Business Administration. Also, currently enrolled in Connect4Success, so in two years I will transfer to FIU.

    Certifications: I am certified in Quickbooks 2016

    Training Expertise: Lower bodyand core

    Hobbies: working out, baking and dancing

  • Laura Galvin

    Laura Galvin

    Education: Completing my associate in arts degree and transferring to FIU to complete my bachelor’s degree in exceptional student education. Eventually, I will go on to pursue my master’s degree as well.

    Hobbies: My three sons keep me very busy. Raising kids should be considered a hobby.

  • Laura Galvin

    Diana Garcia

    Education: Currently pursuing my Associate’s Degree in Business Administration. My goal is to continue pursuing my Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting at FIU.

    Hobbies: Playing soccer and Running

  • Jorge Martinez

    Jorge Martinez

    Education: Currently finishing my AA for Exercise Science at Miami Dade College by the end of Spring 2019. After that, transferring to UCF for my B.A in Human and Sport Performance.

    Training Expertise : H.I.I.T, Circuit training, Plyometrics, Gymnastic Rings, Strength training and Calisthenics

    Certifications: CPR/AED

    Hobbies: Mountain biking, parkour, OCR, football, tennis

  • Ingrid Paz

    Ingrid Paz

    Education: Currently completing Associate’s Degree in Biology, expected to be completed by 2020.

    Training Expertise: Weight Lifting and toning of the lower body

    Hobbies: Playing Volleybal, boxing and running

  • Andres Rodriguez

    Andres Rodriguez

    Education: A.S. in Sports Medicine and Fitness Technology.

    Certifications:NCSF-CPT, CES, CSC

    Training Expertise: Over six years of training experience, corrective exercise, strength and conditioning, training for Olympic lifting, individuals of special populations, power, muscle hypertrophy and fat loss and nutritional guidance.

  • Bengie Rosier

    Bengie Rosier

    Education: I am currently completing my Associate degree in Exercise science. I am currently an Athletic trainer for the athletic department. My goal is to continue pursuing my bachelor’s degree at FIU..

    Certifications: CPR/AED

    Training Expertise: Sport Injuries

    Hobbies: Dancing, working out, and running

  • Felipe Vilar-Tedeschi

    Felipe Vilar-Tedeschi

    Education: I am currently pursuing my Associate in Arts degree in Exercise Science. My goal is to continue pursuing the Bachler in Science degree in Sports Medicine/ Athletic Training. Currently, I am an Athletic Trainer intern for the Athletic department, where I am responsible over seeing in one of the athletic team.

    Training Expertise: Spotting technique, sports injuries as it relates to exercise.

    Hobbies:Working out and playing various sports