Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness

Hazardous Condition

An MDC ALERTS Hazardous Condition message was developed for any technological situation, generally as the result of an unintentional accident or natural occurrence, occurring or imminent, that poses a threat to the health and safety of individuals on campus. Accidental releases of hazardous materials may occur with no warning, and your campus is likely to have very little time to take actions to protect students and staff.

Video about Hazardous conditions


If a hazardous condition has been confirmed on campus, the appropriate personnel will respond. You should shelter-in-place. That means to find a seek shelter immediately in a safe location in the nearest building away from doors and windows, and await further instruction.

Once inside, close all doors and windows. If possible:

  • Close or seal air vents, door jams and any other larger openings to the outside
  • Close window shades, blinds, or curtains
  • Shut down all experiments and operations

The building's air conditioner will be shut down by the appropriate college personnel to minimize the introduction of outside air into the building.

Move all occupants to an interior room away from windows. Remain indoors until an "all clear" message is received from Public Safety, Police, Fire Rescue or other authorities. Once the police and fire departments respond, they are going to be busy taking actions to mitigate the incident and protect the public from the effects of the hazardous material. To ensure safety, stay inside until the appropriate authorities determine it is safe to return outdoors.