Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness

Severe Weather

In South Florida, the weather can change quickly, and we must be prepared for a weather emergency. An MDC ALERTS Weather Emergency message was developed for any natural weather hazard that immediately threatens life safety.

Video about Severe Weather Safety


If a weather emergency has been reported in the area, the emergency notification system will be activated. You will hear the alarm and the announcements. You should seek shelter immediately. Find a safe location in the nearest building, away from doors and windows, and await further information until you return outdoors.

Once notified of a weather emergency, remain calm and immediately take the following actions:

  1. If you are inside, seek shelter
  2. Try to find a room without any windows; an interior room is safest
  3. Get down on your knees and protect your head from potentially flying objects
  4. If outside, seek shelter immediately in the nearest building

After the storm has passed, if there are injuries, call 911, also call the Campus Public Safety Department.

If there is damage to any buildings on campus, call Public Safety.

If you are in a building that is severely damaged, evacuate the building as soon as possible, after the storm has passed, and seek shelter in the nearest safe location to await further instructions from the Campus Public Safety Department.

Protect yourself by staying away from doors and windows, flying debris, and protect your head. Call 911 for life-threatening injuries and Public Safety for building damage.

Weather emergencies can happen very quickly. Remember to seek shelter and stay safe.