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Professor Rick Caraballo Develops Hispanic Marketing Communications Course

Professor Rick Caraballo

Hispanic Marketing Communications (MAR 2520) is a unique course that will be offered as an elective in the School of Business beginning in January, 2016. This course was created by Professor Rick Caraballo, who has an MBA in marketing, as well as over twenty-five years of industry experience. Professor Caraballo has been teaching at MDC since 2011. This course was designed to provide students with a marketing foundation to reach the Hispanic market; a diverse, yet loyal, market segment. Miami is considered the center of Hispanic marketing in the United States, and the career opportunities here are numerous and continue on an upward trend.

Professor Caraballo saw a void in the marketing courses that MDC offers; the Hispanic market in the U.S. is a major focus of the marketing efforts of many Fortune 500 companies, as well as small and medium sized firms. There is a shortage of college graduates that possess both the marketing expertise and the cultural/linguistic knowledge that would allow them to create marketing campaigns that could resonate well with the Hispanic market and all of its various sub-segments. The majority of students at MDC are of Hispanic decent – many of them bilingual and bicultural. This course is designed for active participation and will prepare students to create a Hispanic marketing communications plan and campaign.