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Succeed by Getting your GED

Your first step for success on the GED exam

Highlights of the program include:

  • Courses offered throughout Miami-Dade County
  • Customized program based on your needs
  • Experienced instructors and tutors ready to assist you throughout the program
  • Computerized Placement Testing

Frequently Asked Questions

The General Education Development (GED) test is also referred to as the High School equivalency test. Students take the GED test to demonstrate mastery of Math, Science, Social Studies, Reading and Writing. Upon successful completion of the GED test, a candidate is awarded a State of Florida high school diploma and is considered a high school graduate.

You can take the paper-based test at one of the three Miami-Dade Public School sites where it is offered: Lindsey Hopkins Tech, Miami Lakes Tech, or Robert Morgan Tech.

You can take the computer-based test at one of the four Miami Dade College Campuses where it is offered: InterAmerican, Kendall, North or Wolfson.

All candidates need to pay a test fee:

Paper-based test is $70.00

Computer-based test is $130

Your diploma will have the words "State of Florida" and "High School Diploma" on it.  It is just as valid as the diplomas given at any state high school.
At least 16 years of age.  Students who are 16 or 17 years old are eligible to prepare for the test at the college as long as they have parental approval and a high school withdrawal form signed by their high school principal...
  1. You must complete the Test for Adult Basic Education (TABE). There is a one-time fee of $10 for taking the TABE.

  2. Bring a copy of your results to the Continuing Education office at the campus you wish to attend.  An advisor will review your results with you.

  3. Bring a valid government issued photo ID. If you have a Social Security Card, bring it as well.

  4. You will need to secure a student ID number through a campus Student Center.

  5. You will need to pay the tuition fee.
  6. The GED advisor will assist you with the process of completing your course section and registration forms.
  7. Bring these forms to Registration Office where you will be given a class schedule.
Low TABE scores shouldn't stop you from seeking your GED.  MDC has specific courses in the Adult Education department which can help you get to the 9.0 level that is necessary for the GED courses.
Yes. Home-study students must comply with the same requirements as students who are no longer attending Miami-Dade County Public Schools.
The GED program is lab-based.  There are instructors and tutors available to answer questions and assist students in the use of the computers. It is also possible to use paper and pencil materials for students who wish to do so.
Classes and labs are available during the morning, afternoon, evening, and Saturdays.
There is a small tuition charge to enroll in the program. In addition, some students choose to buy books to supplement the materials available in our classrooms and labs.

The GED preparation program allows students to work at their own pace. Each student enters at a different level and dedicates varying amounts of time to studying for the GED.

In order to remain enrolled, students must meet the program attendance requirement. Regular attendance in the GED Lab will allow a student to complete the program faster.

When a student feels he/she is ready to take the exam, a practice test is administered. The practice test has been shown to be a very good predictor of a student's score on the test. If the score on this practice test shows the student is ready, GED lab staff will assist the student in registering for the GED Exam.

Minors facing suspension of their driver's license because of their withdrawal from high school must attend the GED program at least 20 hours per week for a minimum period of six weeks before the College will issue the Reinstatement Form (DHSMV # 72870). The student must have regular attendance and have NO unexcused absences during this time period.

All GED learning materials are in the classroom. There is no textbook required. However, if you want to study at home, please discuss this with the instructor. The GED preparation book can be purchased at the Bookstore.
Yes. We offer a GED Preparation Online Program where you can study from home using your computer and a web account that we can provide for you. Go to your local campus for testing to determine eligibility.