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Online Student Feedback

As part of a pilot to explore the feasibility of moving towards online student feedback surveys for potential College-wide adoption, the Office of Institutional Effectiveness is piloting EvaluationKIT, a tool that will allow student feedback surveys to be generated and tabulated electronically with an easy integration through the Blackboard Learning Management System.

During this initial implementation process, faculty will not be penalized for low response rates due to shortened administration windows, user error, or software/technical errors.

Note: All MDC students and employees have a Blackboard account.

Students can complete their surveys by computer, tablet, or phone. The surveys are 100% anonymous. The data is collected in EvaluationKIT. The surveys (Classroom and Alternate) are the same surveys that have always been used for the College’s Student Feedback Administration.

EvaluationKIT offers built-in reporting features that allow instructors and administrators to view results in reports, bar-charts, and even download the raw data files. Instructors and administrators can access results within a few clicks and view summary reports for the courses they teach or the areas they oversee. Pilot participants include Virtual College courses and classroom courses.

Summer 2018 Information

  • Adjunct Faculty are required to participate every term and are automatically included in Summer 2018 Online Student Feedback.
  • Annual Contract Faculty who participated in Spring 2018 are automatically included.
  • Annual Contract Faculty who teach online college courses are automatically included.
  • Annual Contract Faculty who choose to participate for the first time in Summer 2018 are responsible for informing their chairperson of their opt-in decision to participate.
  • Courses that are offered less than four (4) weeks are excluded from Online Student Feedback.  Faculty teaching these courses need to participate in the paper-based administration depending on their faculty status.
  • Lab and clinical classes that students directly enroll in through their registration in the lab or clinical course are required for Student Feedback.
  • Lab and clinical classes that students are automatically enrolled in through their registration in the lecture course are not required for Student Feedback. Faculty who are actually instructing students in these labs may administer student feedback for these classes on a request basis through their department chairperson.

Summer 2018

Chairpersons, Directors, or NWSA Deans must complete an Template to Opt-In file (Excel document) and submit it by the deadline dates.  

Complete the Opt-In Form


Summer 2018

Annual contract faculty who decide to opt-out of Online Student Feedback for Summer Term 2018 need to complete an opt-out form.

Complete the Opt-Out Form

Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions. Click or tap on a question to view the answer.

Beginning with the Fall 2017 Term, Full-Time faculty who teach classroom courses can only opt-in by contacting their chairperson. Full-Time and Adjunct faculty who teach Virtual College courses are automatically included in Online Student Feedback. Continuing contract faculty who teach Virtual College courses in the Spring Term must inform Virtual College academic services of their decision to participate in Online Student Feedback.

Beginning with the Fall 2017 Term, Adjunct faculty are required to participate in the online administration. Therefore, all of their eligible courses will be included in the online administration.

Yes. Eligible courses that are offered less than four (4) weeks are excluded. Faculty teaching these courses need to participate in the paper-based administration.

Note: Student Feedback must be obtained from students in every regular credit (includes developmental education and EAP) and career credit (vocational) classes during the appropriate term.

Yes. Students will begin receiving emails via their MyMDC account, which includes a unique link to the survey on the first day of the online administration period for their course(s). Depending on the term, email reminders are sent to the non-responders every three (3) days (Fall and Spring Terms) or every two (2) days (Summer Term). In addition, if the class is connected to Blackboard, the student logging into Blackboard receives a pop-up window with a message to complete their survey. Students can select the “Do It Later” button to complete the survey at a later time.

Depending on the number of weeks in the term, the first day will be two weeks after the ‘Last Day to Withdraw’ date (16-week,14-week and 12-week terms), or one week after the ‘Last Day to Withdraw’ date (8-week terms), or three days after the ‘Last Day to Withdraw’ date (6-week terms).

Note: Faculty may change this date to a later date.

The last day of classes for the term.

Note: Faculty may change this date to an earlier date.

Either because the administration period for the class has not yet started or it has ended. The survey is only available during the scheduled administration period for the class. Please refer to the Student Feedback Key Dates and/or contact the faculty member teaching the class to find out the scheduled administration dates for the class.

The class was not included in the online student feedback administration. Faculty who receive this message should first contact their chairperson, then for support.

The scheduled dates are the second Wednesday after classes begin the subsequent term (e.g. Summer Term 2175 reports are scheduled to be available on September 6, 2017).

Response Rates

Below are the response rates for the Online Student Feedback Administration from 2016-17.

Alternative Survey
Fall Spring Summer
Courses 506 207 178
Responses 9,837 4,387 3,472
Enrollment 12,757 5,314 4,431
Response Rate 77% 83% 78%

Alternative Surveys are administered in courses such as Co-Op, Independent Studies, Competency-based Education and Virtual College.

Classroom Survey
Fall Spring Summer
Courses 7 152 265
Responses 109 2,648 2,768
Enrollment 157 3,570 5,335
Response Rate 69% 74% 52%

Classroom Surveys are administered in traditional classroom courses, including Web-enhanced, Blended and Labs.

If you need assistance, please contact a Testing and Assessment Director at your local campus:


Dora Mejia-Montoya
P: 305.237.8759


Ivo Rokovich
P: 305.237.6175


Alfonso Ribero
P: 305.237.6041


Juan Carlos Meza
P: 305.237.2748


Regina Johnson
P: 305.237.4233


Marisel M. Gaymer
P: 305.237.1018


Mayte Castro Pino
P: 305.237.8536


Marlen Gonzalez
P: 305.237.3188

EvaluationKIT Login EK Quick Guide for Faculty Updates for 2017-18
(employees only)

For technical assistance, please contact the office of Assessment, Evaluation and Testing:

Silvio Rodriguez
P: 305.237.7492

Yahemn Baeza Dager
P: 305.237.7481

Elizabeth Juhasz
P: 305.237.3595