Calls to Artists & Curators are announced on a yearly basis. A curatorial committee reviews applications for exhibitions and projects once a year for the forthcoming exhibition season. Applicants will be notified within six to eight months of receipt of their application.

MDC’s Galleries of Art + Design has more than 15,000 running feet of exhibition space in its network of galleries and public art spaces, making it one of the most important institutions in the county that is devoted to the visual arts.

There are six galleries, one art space, and a sculpture park in the system, with new venues planned in the coming years at the College’s new campuses.

The Galleries of Art + Design utilizes its gallery spaces, art in public spaces, staff and visual resources (exhibition and permanent collections), as well as the expertise and artistic talent of faculty and students at MDC to provide a yearlong program of activities that offer unique learning experiences through direct contact with the visual arts. Art, concerts, lectures, research collection, film, video and much more are part of its network of art spaces, with events that are free and open to the public.