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Authentic Assessments

Authentic assessment is "a form of assessment in which students are asked to perform real-world tasks that demonstrate meaningful application of essential knowledge and skills." -- Jon Mueller

An authentic assessment usually includes a task for students to perform and a rubric by which their performance on the task will be evaluated.

Browse some of the assessments our colleagues have developed:

Course # Assessment Title Faculty Document
CJC 1000 Addressing Ethical Issues in Correctional Facilities Samantha Carlo Assessment  PDF Document
BSC 1050 Investigating US & Global World Energy Issues Chris Migliaccio Assessment  PDF Document
EDG 4376 Service Learning Project Lauren Gach Assessment  PDF Document
ENC 1102 Putting Melville's Bartleby on Trial Ivonne Lamazares Assessment  PDF Document
HUM 1020 Song or Rap Analysis Robert Remek Assessment  PDF Document
HSC 2400 911: What Would You Do? Carol Groseclose Assessment  PDF Document
Presentation  Power Point Presentation
HUM 1020 Reflections of the Self in Film Jose Donis Assessment  PDF Document
HUM 1020 Doctrine of Ethos—Drawing Relationships between Music and Persona Jose Donis Assessment  PDF Document
MAT 1033
MAC 1105
STA 2023
When Birds and Planes Collide Jamie Bestard Assessment  PDF Document
Presentation  Power Point Presentation
MAC 1105 Finding a Job Jose Serpa Assessment  PDF Document
MUL 1010 Critiquing Live Concerts Sergio Gonzalez Assessment  PDF Document
PCB 2033 South Florida Ecological Issues Chris Migliaccio Assessment  PDF Document
SLS 1125 Helping Students Prepare for the Future Valerie DeAngelis Assessment  PDF Document

Would like your Authentic Assessment published here? Please email a copy to the LOCC Communications Team. Click here to view the guidelines that will be used to review assessments for publication.

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