Students at Miami Dade

Computerized Placement Testing (CPT)

To make sure you are enrolled in the classes best suited to you, incoming students must take an assessment test. You may take the test at any campus. Although the test is un-timed, most students finish in about two hours. Your CPT scores will be valid for two years.

However, you are exempt from taking the CPT if:

  • You have earned an associate degree or higher from an institution recognized by MDC.
  • You have earned a grade of C or higher in a college-level mathematics or English course. Please see the list of eligible courses
  • You meet minimum score requirements on the SAT or ACT. (Please click here for more information).
  • You are a transient student (Please click here for more information).

ADA NOTICE: If you require special accommodations due to a disability please contact the ACCESS Department at your campus.

Miami Dade College is an equal access/equal opportunity institution and does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, color, marital status, age, religion, national origin, disability, veteran�s status, sexual orientation, or genetic information. Contact the Office of Equal Opportunity Programs/ADA Coordinator, at 305.237.2577 for information.