Students at Miami Dade

Where to Begin

Below is a step by step list of everything you may need from how to apply to financial aid and more.

  1. First Step: Create Your myMDC Account Online
  2. Second Step: Apply
  3. Third Step: Send College Transcripts
  4. Fourth Step: Apply for Financial Aid
  5. Fifth Step: Select Courses with Your Advisor
  6. Sixth Step: Pay Fees on Time
  7. Seventh Step: Student I.D. and Parking
  8. Eighth Step: Purchase your Books
  9. Ninth Step: Get Ready for the First Day of Classes
  10. Tenth Step: Congratulations, You're Ready to Go!

First Step: Create Your myMDC Account Online

Start by creating your myMDC account. Your account allows you to save your work, and return to it later. Once accepted, you'll use your account to do everything from choosing classes to registering and viewing your financial aid.

Second Step: Apply

Once you create your myMDC account, complete our NEW online application. You can also print a hard copy and mail your completed application with your fee to the Admissions Office at the campus you are interested in attending. If you are uncertain of what you want to study, check out Miami Dade's Career Services or for help. You can also contact our New Student Center and ask for a pre admission counselor.

Third Step: Send in Your College Transcripts

This is very important. You should send your college transcripts as soon as you have made the decision to come to Miami Dade College. You college transcripts needed to be evaluated to determine which courses Miami Dade College will accept. If you come from a public state university or community college in the state of Florida, the statewide common course numbering system ensures that all your courses will be accepted as long as they are at the freshmen or sophomore level.

Make sure to send us your test scores if you have taken the ACT or SAT. You can find where to send your scores by going to: Campus Finder. Don't have SAT or ACT scores? Don't worry, you can take MDC's Computerized Placement Test (CPT) which is used across Florida to determine course placement in English and mathematics. If you have not taken the ACT or SAT (or if your scores were not high enough-click here to find out), you need to take the CPT. Make sure you take the practice test (called PASS). You may take PASS twice before taking the CPT. You may also take the CPT twice. MDC will use the higher of your CPT scores. You cannot register for classes until you have placement scores. They will determine which courses you can take, so you want to make sure you do as well as you can. If you are a new international student and/or not proficient in English, you will need to take the ACT ESL Placement Test (ACT ESL) or have adequate scores on the TOEFL. Learn more about testing.

If you want to take classes at Miami Dade College while you are home and transfer them back to your home institution, you classified as "transients" by the state of Florida. Please go to the Transient Student page for information.

Fourth Step: Apply for Financial Aid

You should apply for financial aid even if you are not sure you will be eligible since it is the only way to find out for sure. Apply for financial aid using the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) here or go to MDC's on-line financial aid page. You can also pick up an application at the Financial Aid Office.

Fifth Step: Select Courses with Your Advisor

Using your evaluated college transcript, your advisor will help you select the courses you need to take first. Your advisor will help you pick a class schedule, register you for courses, and discuss requirements for your major. If you are uncertain about your major, your advisor can also help plus you can always head to Career Services.

Sixth Step: Pay Fees on Time

You can pay online with Visa or MasterCard. We also accept electronic checks. Make sure you pay by the deadline on your class schedule. To pay in person, please go to your campus Bursar's Office. Remember, if you register early, you will have more time to pay your fees, and you will have a better selection of courses. If you need assistance with your fees, talk to our financial aid office. There are short term loans that allow you to pay your fees in two installments with no interest.

Seventh Step: Student I.D. and Parking

Get your official MDC Student Identification Card and parking decal in the Student Life Department. Your ID will let you take advantage of the many student activities and events available as well as give you use of labs and the library. To get your ID and parking deal, you'll need to show a paid class schedule, vehicle registration, and photo ID. Your parking decal will give you access to free parking at any of our MDC campuses, and your student identification card will give you access to discounts throughout Miami.

Eighth Step: Purchase your Books

Each campus has a bookstore. Stop in and get your books early when the lines are shorter and the chances of getting the books you need are greater!

Ninth Step: Get Ready for the First Day of Classes

Before classes begin stop by your campus and find your buildings and classrooms. Here's a tip: there are four numbers associated with each classroom. For example, if the number is 3210, then the first number (3) represents the number of the building on campus, the second number (2) represents the floor your class is on, and the last two numbers (10) are the number of the actual classroom!

Tenth Step: Congratulations, You're Ready to Go!

Miami Dade College is an equal access/equal opportunity institution and does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, color, marital status, age, religion, national origin, disability, veteran's status, sexual orientation, or genetic information. Contact the Office of Equal Opportunity Programs/ADA Coordinator, at 305.237.2577 for information.