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Can you see yourself developing your passion - art, music, food, technology, etc. - into a profitable business? With this four-course online program, students learn the basics they need to launch a dream business. As an entrepreneur, students build their business from concept to operations and also how to recognize business opportunities, develop business plans, and manage financial requirements. Finally, they will learn how to operate a business on a day-to-day basis, managing inventory and purchases, keeping records, and projecting financial needs.

General Education Requirements

  1. Major Course Requirements (12.00 credits)

    This is a foundation course in the modern treatment of business entrepreneurship. Students will learn the elements of start-up/buy-out, franchising, business plans, marketing plans, human resources, financial planning, legal forms, products/services, selling, advertising, management policies, accounting systems, tax issues, capital management, computers, risk management, and business ethics. (3 hr. lecture)

    This is a foundation course in E-Commerce. Students will learn the elements of effective E-Commerce solutions, E-Marketing, E-Accounting, E-Customer Service, and the development process. (3 hr. lecture)

    The nature and requirements of selling, including a consideration of buyer motivations and selling theories in relation to various buyer-seller situations. (3 hr. lecture)

    Reviews forms of ownership, franchising, location analysis, financing, record keeping, purchasing, inventory control, marketing, security, insurance, and consumer credit. Students will prepare a feasibility study and present a comprehensive small business start-up plan. (3 hr. lecture)

Not all courses are offered every term. Please refer to our online schedule of courses each term for listed offerings.