Your Vote is Your Voice

Students sign up to vote at a registration table
Voting happens more often than you think! Local elections are on the horizon and it’s important to make sure your registration is current.

Making an educated vote during local elections ensures the passing of laws that better reflect how citizens feel. The decisions of Local government will directly affect your life.

Are YOU ready to #VoteLocal? Miami Dade College’s iCED office can help you register to vote, check your voter status, and update your voter information if you need to. If you’re registered, iCED may be able to show you where to find your sample ballot so you know what to expect!

For detailed information about each campus' iCED office, view their contact listing page.

Check the link below for the Miami-Dade County Elections calendar, to see if you have an upcoming election in your city.

College students, often first-time voters, face special challenges when attempting to register and vote in their college communities. Having the right information on how to register and vote helps students overcome those barriers and participate.

Important Dates

For information regarding this year's election dates, visit the Election Calendar.

Information on your options to cast a ballot