Assessment, Evaluation, and Testing


With the exception of students who meet the criteria for an exemption from common placement testing and developmental education instruction, the State Board of Education (SBOE) requires demonstration of readiness for degree seeking students and students who have not met college level competency either through the completion of developmental education requirements in the Florida College System or have not been awarded credit for college level coursework in the area of deficiency.  Methods for assessing communication and computation skills may be through any combination of approved common placement tests or alternate methods.  Non-exempt students whose assessment results indicate a need for developmental education shall enroll in developmental education in the area of the deficiency.  Students whose native language is not English may be required to take another test to measure their English proficiency and subsequently matriculate through EAP to demonstrate readiness.  Students with documented disabilities are provided appropriate testing modifications or accommodations.

The SBOE also requires institutions offering Postsecondary Career and Technical Education and Adult Education programs to test students pursuing these programs. Miami Dade College (MDC) may accept official test scores from approved academic institutions and approved regional workforce boards. Parameters for accepting these scores will be established between coordinating agencies.

This academic year's Placement Criteria Manual is divided into five sections and eight appendices.

  • Placement Criteria Appendix C:
    • Alternative Placement Options for Students with Military Experience
    • Alternative Placement Options for Students with Significant Work History
    • Alternate Methods Quick Guide
  • Placement Criteria Appendix D:
    • General Placement Recommendations for Advisement
    • General Placement Recommendations for Developmental Education Advisement
    • Mathematics Pathways Advising
  • Placement Criteria Appendix E:
    • Meta-Major Academic Pathways and gateway courses that are aligned with the intended academic and career goals of degree seeking students
  • Placement Criteria Appendix H:
    • Relationship between TABE 11 & 12 Scale Scores and NRS Levels
    • TABE Out of Range Score (Low and High) Reported and Re-Testing Guide

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