Miami Dade College

Hialeah Campus

Professors Yane Nemeroff and Sherri Sinkoff (Speech Communication), Kelly Kennedy (English), Mariana Molina (Psychology) and Jacob Shilts (SLS) implement the Blogger Workshop Series as part of their curriculum. Students attend the blogger workshops and learn the concepts of embedding code, uploading videos, gifs, images, and create hyperlinks in a digital space that few students know. Then they create blogs on campus events they attend, which allows students to work on their writing on a digital platform while they feel a deeper connection to the campus community. The campus events give the students a chance to learn more about what that campus has to offer them socially and academically. Students submit their blogs to the MDC Empowered Committees at the end of the semester to be recognized for their efforts at the Blogger Award Ceremony. In the Fall 2019 semester alone, there were more than 170 blogs submitted by students! The Blogger Workshops are facilitated by Caitlin Richardson (Academic Support Writing Coach, Learning Resources).  For more information, please contact