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MDC Students, register for courses by following these steps:

  1. Log in to MDConnect.
  2. Select ‘Enroll' and choose the term you wish to register for
  3. Under 'Find Classes', click the 'Search' button
  4. Select the criteria for the class search (e.g., Subject = ENC, Course Number = 1101). Select as much criteria as you know and click 'Search'
  5. Press the 'Select' button next to the section you wish to enroll in
  6. Press 'Next'
  7. Repeat the process for other courses by clicking the 'search' button
  8. When you're finished selecting all your classes, press ‘Proceed to Step 2 of 3’
  9. Press ‘Finish Enrolling’. You won’t be registered for classes until you complete this step.

Resolving Common Registration Issues

Tuition Payment Deadlines

The information contained in the PDF document is ADA compliant and has been tested agaist assistive technolgy.

  • Tuition Payment Deadline is Friday, August 25 for 16-week classes.
  • Miami Dade College offers multiple registration periods to allow early registration.
  • Please refer to for the most up-to-date information

Quick Links

  • Search for Classes | Search for classes without logging in.
  • Financial Aid | If you have not yet applied for financial aid, you can do so by visiting MDC Financial Aid.
  • Nelnet Payment Plan | Available to students who need an option for paying course and tuition fees/credit unit fees not covered by Financial Aid and/or other sources.
  • Pay Via Western Union | A great choice for International or out of state payments. Make payments directly to MDC via Western Union using the currency of your choice. 
  • Manage Your Account | Create or reset your MyMDC Account
  • IEP | Stay on track and ensure satisfactory progress for financial aid by obtaining an Individualized Educational Plan.
  • Pay My Fees | Don’t get dropped from classes. Take care of any outstanding fees you may have.
  • Scholarships Available | Apply for MDC scholarships and view the current listing of available scholarships.
  • College Registrar's Office | Assistance with admissions, registration, course information, student records, and more.

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