Miami Dade College

Kendall Campus

Welcome to the Department of World Languages at the Kendall Campus, where you can learn English as a Second Language (ESL) for Academic Purposes as well as American Sign Language, French, German, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish. We take pride in a program that integrates the latest linguistic methodologies in grammar, writing, reading and speech, which are taught by highly qualified and experienced faculty.

Our goal is not only to impart excellent knowledge of the language you wish to learn, but at the same time, to give you a better understanding of the culture whose native language you undertake, for it is our conviction that through communication with others, we can together achieve mutual understanding.

Department Staff
Name Email Telephone Office
LaBauve, Laura
Chair, World Languages
305-237-2911 6319
Praschnik, Elizabeth
Assistant to the Dept. Chairperson
305-237-0512 6319
Alvarez, Rosa
Secretary I
305-237-2504 6319
EAP Faculty
Name Email Telephone Office
Biache, Kathleen 305-237-2660 2204-1
Bustamante, Salma 305-237-2618 2204-8
Fateyeva, Natalya 305-237-2728 2204
Johnson, Stephen 305-237-2173 6319-2C
Principe, Grisselle 305-237-0927 6319-2F
Rachelson, Anouchka 305-237-2549 2204-5
Roland, Helen 305-237-2529 6319-2E
Sanchez, Paula 305-237-0424 2204-6
FL Faculty
Name Email Telephone Office
Johnson, Stephen (German) 305-237-2173 6319-2C
Meier, Mercedes (Spanish) 305-237-0669 6319-2H
Principe, Grisselle (Spanish) 305-237-0927 6319-2F


The English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Lab provides support to students who need to complete our language program and continue their path to academic success at Miami Dade College. The EAP Lab also provides students with tutoring services where students will receive help with oral presentations, essay polishing, and homework assessment. In addition to regular tutoring services, the lab hosts conversation groups. If students need help using the Microsoft office suite or any other technology required to complete their assignments, our lab attendants will be happy to help. Newly refreshed machines with up to date components provide blazing fast speed alongside fast Internet to match students' needs.

Foreign Languages Lab

The Department of World Languages offers languages including Chinese, French, German, Italian, American Sign Language, and Spanish. The Foreign Languages Lab is designed to provide students with the help they need to expand their world by learning to communicate in a new language, along with completing the requirements to graduate. The Foreign Languages Lab provides a quiet and convenient place for students to practice their conversational skills and study language-related skills. Electronic media is used to facilitate audio, video, and multimedia learning materials in creating a modern approach to improve language learning. Room 6237 is equipped to provide practice with a tutor as well as independent study. Recently refreshed computers provide students with the resources to match their needs in an ever-changing, fast-paced technological environment.