Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness

Crime Prevention Programs

The Campus Public Safety Departments offer to students, faculty, and staff crime prevention programs that are useful in the protection of property and contribute to the physical well-being of the campus community. The programs relate to aspects of crime prevention and personal safety and are arranged at the convenience of the persons interested in the information. The programs are designed to serve as a deterrent to criminal activity. All programs are arranged upon request and can be offered to specific College offices, departments, or organizations where applicable.

  1. Personal Safety Program
    The Campus Public Safety Departments provide a limited escort program, particularly during the evening hours, for people walking on campus to the parking lots.  Students, faculty and staff are asked to walk with others when possible and to choose paths that are well lit.
  2. New Student Orientation
    Crime prevention materials are provided and questions answered during new student orientation meetings.
  3. Blue Light Emergency Phones
    Blue Light Emergency Phones are located in prominent locations on the campus parking lots. In addition, some campuses are equipped with Blue Light Emergency Phones in high traffic areas within buildings.  The Blue Light Emergency Phones connect callers directly to the Campus Public Safety Department dispatch center, which will notify police or fire personnel to respond as appropriate to the situation.
  4. Crime Prevention Material
    Brochures and posters related to substance abuse, personal safety, seat belt use, motor vehicle and bicycle theft prevention, and office security are distributed campus wide.
  5. Crime Prevention Presentations
    Presentations are available through the Campus Public Safety Departments upon request. Call the appropriate number listed below for your campus.
    • Carrie P. Meek Entrepreneurial Education Center
    • Hialeah Campus Public Safety
    • Homestead Campus Public Safety
    • Kendall Campus Public Safety
    • Medical Campus Public Safety
    • North Campus Public Safety
    • PadrĂ³n Campus Public Safety
    • West Campus Public Safety
    • Wolfson Campus Public Safety
  6. Victim Assistance Referral Program
    Referrals to various agencies that assist victims of crime are made through the appropriate Campus Public Safety Department or Dean for Student Services Office.
  7. Crime Alert
    Campus community members are notified of any violent incident or crime against property occurring on campus, which may pose a threat to their personal safety and security.
  8. Crime Prevention Tips
    Flyers on specific crime prevention topics are posted at strategic locations throughout the campuses, on the MDC public website and printed in the student newspapers.