Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Phones

Your safety is a priority. If you are on a Miami Dade College campus and there is an emergency, contact the Campus Public Safety Department immediately. The easiest ways to contact Public Safety is by activating one of the different types of emergency phones that can be found on campus.

Emergency phones have a red panic button with a direct connection to the Campus Public Safety Dispatcher.  
Some have a blue light above the telephone, and are activated simply by pushing the red button, which connects the caller directly to the Campus Public Safety Dispatcher. The Dispatcher knows the exact location of the telephone and will send help immediately, even if the caller cannot speak.

Please keep in mind that the emergency phones are intended for emergencies, but may be used any time assistance is needed from the Campus Public Safety Department. It is important to note that you can also contact your Campus Public Safety Department by dialing the ten (10) digit number from your cell phone, or by dialing the last five (5) digits from any campus office phone.

Information regarding emergency phones on campus (with American Sign Language)
Campus Public Safety Phone Numbers
Carrie P. Meek Entrepreneurial Education Center  305-237-1910
Hialeah Campus  305-237-8701
Homestead Campus 305-237-5100
Kendall Campus      305-237-2100
Medical Center Campus 305-237-4100
North Campus 305-237-1100
PadrĂ³n Campus       305-237-6100
West Campus 305-237-8100
Wolfson Campus 305-237-3100
TDD 800-955-8771