Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness

Reporting of Incidents or Crime

If you become involved in an incident on campus or need to report criminal activity, there are a number of ways to report incidents or acquire assistance. You can contact the Department of Public Safety by telephone or in person.

If assistance is needed immediately, there are emergency phones located at some buildings, parking garages, and parking lots at some Campuses. When the emergency phones are activated, Public Safety Officers know the exact location of the caller. If there is no emergency phones, call the Campus Public Safety Department.

When an incident is reported to the Public Safety Department, an incident report will be completed and the matter will be investigated if necessary. Copies of the incident report are distributed to the appropriate Deans. These offices, in conjunction with Campus Public Safety, will determine the final disposition of the matter reported and will recommend the appropriate action to be taken.

The Student Life staff and the Office of the Dean for Student Affairs inform students of proper procedures for reporting incidents and how to request assistance by contacting their campus Public Safety Department. Assistance is offered for medical emergenciesfires, and criminal incidents, and other emergency situations. Campus Public Safety Officers are always close by for any emergency situation. If there is a life-threatening emergency and 911 is called, always notify Campus Public Safety so that they may coordinate with emergency responders when they arrive.

You can always report an incident anonymously using our Silent Witness form.

Please refer to the information below regarding the room and phone numbers specific to each campus.

Carrie P. Meek Entrepreneurial Education Center
Report any incident in room 1101 or call 305-237-1910

Hialeah Campus
Report any incident in room 1108 or call 305-237-8701

Homestead Campus
Report any incident in room D114 or call 305-237-5100

Kendall Campus
Report any incident in room 5118 or call 305-237-2100

Medical Campus
Report any incident in room 1153 or call 305-237-4100

North Campus
Report any incident in room 1177 or call 305-237-1100

PadrĂ³n Campus
Report any incident in room 6014 or call 305-237-6100

West Campus
Report any incident in room 1101 or call 305-237-8100

Wolfson Campus
Report any incident in room 1140 or call 305-237-3100