Strategic Plan

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External Assessment EDUCATION
Driving Forces Implications for Miami Dade
There will be more and more alternatives to the traditional college education, including private, electronic, business sponsored, proprietary schools, etc. Will need to define our role in this future. Could have major enrollment impact. Could require change in the way we currently provide instruction.
Distance education is becoming increasingly available. Appropriate course offerings should be developed; this must include a funding plan for infrastructure and staffing needs.
New areas for training are arising/changing rapidly; old areas are diminishing. The cycle time for developing new programs must be as short as possible.
There has been a shift in emphasis away from the AA degree and toward vocational training. Vocational training has shifted toward a Postsecondary emphasis. The college will need to adjust curriculum and management systems to be competitive. Students must be able to move seamlessly among various programs and degree types. Delivery systems, technology, faculty assignments and compensation must support these changes.
Basic technology skills required for transfer or employment are increasing. This is too important to leave to chance; explicit planning is required, including incorporating technology into the curriculum.
Free trade agreements may lead to a more global marketplace for employment. The college may need to orient students to a more global perspective.

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