Strategic Plan

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Goal IV Evaluation Plan

Objectives Linked to Strategic Goal IV

Strategic Goal IV- To empower employees who will employ their individual and collective talents to fulfill the college's mission.

CTC = Collegewide Technology Committee ES=Environmental Scan RE=Reengineering Project
CI = Current Initiative ER = Education Review Project LI= Logical Inference
1. Conduct an Education Review with objectives set by a college-wide steering committee representative of all campuses and employee groups (ER).
2. Conduct reengineering reviews of major functional processes using teams of college personnel (RE).
3. Develop a process for faculty to provide input into the faculty compensation study (CI).
4. Examine and refine the internal organizational structure to achieve the college mission, empower employees, and promote teamwork between campuses and District operations (RE).
5. Examine and refine the process(es) for involving employees in meaningful college governance (RE).
6. Develop a viable process to identify training and development needs, and to design and implement relevant programs (RE).
7. Develop a process to train personnel to support changes in curriculum, technology, and services throughout the college (ER/RE/CTC).
8. Develop a process to train personnel to support changes stemming from the new consortium software (ES/CI).
9. Examine and refine the processes for internal circulation of timely, accurate, and efficient information (RE).
10. Develop a plan for an MDC information system, including web pages, information access and exchange, and possibly an intranet (CTC).
11. Assess the technology needs for instruction and academic support and develop a plan to meet these needs (CTC).
12. Assess the technology needs for administrative support and develop a plan to meet these needs (CTC).
13. Develop a plan to make technology for personal use affordable and accessible for faculty, staff, and students in a variety of modes (CTC).

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