Strategic Plan

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Strategic Goals

These broad goals are drawn from the Vision (V) and Mission (M) statements and represent the desired state of Miami Dade.

Goals Related to Students:

Strategic Goal I- To provide accessible (M) and affordable (M) education.

Strategic Goal II- To provide high quality education (M) that produces satisfied, well-prepared students (V).

Strategic Goal III- To ensure that students acquire the needed knowledge and skills to be successful in academic and career pursuits (V).

Goals Related to the Workplace:

Strategic Goal IV- To empower employees who will apply their individual and collective talents to fulfill the college’s mission(V).

Strategic Goal V- To provide an environment that encourages creativity, risk-taking, and accountability(V).

Goals Related to the Community:

Strategic Goal VI- To work in partnership (M) with a supportive community (V).

Strategic Goal VII- To ensure that the community recognizes the impact of MDC’s programs and training (V).

Goals Related to Resources:

Strategic Goal VIII- To make effective use of adequate resources in order to allow programs to flourish and the talents of people to emerge (V).

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